Friday, October 31, 2008

DFS Cocktail Party

On Thursday night 30 Oct 08, I was invited by Irene to attended the private event held by DFS.
Thank to her, Its was an eye opener but sad to say its too "High CLASS" for our taste.

Not that we are low class or cheapos mind you, but we certainly are no hypocrite or act classy bitch. Yes we may be BITCH and yes maybe alittle cheapos, but not the regular "Act Class" type. Yucks!

Its a cocktail event, only members invited and RSVP required. So both of us was pretty exciting, naively thinking sure got sale or special discount right since its like such a private deal for VIPs only.

Both of us rushed all the way there after work, with much anticipation!! Poor Irene, I think she was rushing like mad since her workplace is so ulu in the EAST. Finally we arrived..... @ 7.45pm, damn hungry and shag, worse sweating like PIGs.

The 1st thing we did, was to deck into the washroom and make sure we don't turn up looking like siao cha bo who knows... we are welcome by unfriendly snobbish stares by this four young gals in thick dinner makeup and party dresses. Can see these four snobbish weirdos are all prepared for the cocktail party, but what the heck... why must stare at people like that??! worse... ACT CLASS.. duh!

Heck care their stare, both of us proceed straight to the cubicles and while we are "answering nature's call " the four weirdos start to chat. The moment they start talking.... kaoz... can see obviously AH LIANS, and still act class. I'm so disgusted at again by their manners. Four Gorillas park themselves in front of the mirrors and sink, dint even want to give way to us!

Forget it, didn't want want to make ourselves unhappy over GORILLAS, so we proceed to the Cocktail Party. Its was held at DFS Scotts Level 4, and although it states RSVP required and its a private event I'm suprised cuz I dont think Level 4 is being closed up for the event. Which means, anyone can just attend. So how private is that????

Nevermind, ignore the issue of Privacy, we shall focus on our MAIN Intention... That is SALES!
both of us quickly check out the boutiques, Irene was looking for wallets... so we move from 1 shop to another boutiques. Hmm.... no SALES ley... check with the SA. Confirm no sales, catch of the event?? With each purchase, stand to win attractive prizes like BAGs from Marc Jacobs and Coach, to be precise, only 2 bags were chosen to be the prize.

Disappointed and Hungry, we decided just to check out the prices and quickly get the hell out of there. Its the 1st time for both of us, feeel so out of place...and to make things worse. The SA at Marc by MJ recognised me. Not that i have bought alot of things from him... but as a matter of fact, I have accompany a few friends to DFS for the past 3 weeks on different occasions. Its so embarrassing.... guess I would have to avoid DFS for the next 2 months until I decided to make a purchase there.

At our last stop at Coach, we are soo relief.... Irene finally done with her shopping, and seeing that the Fashion shows have started. We quickly make our exit.

Its really awkward though, seeing these peoples enjoying the champagne in their party dresses while shopping. Suddenly its has become a social event for the upper class?, totally out of place for both of us. I guess its just more enjoyable shopping without the presence of these people, I just kinda of feel so overwhelmed and suffocated. Some of the guest are really classy , but majority belongs to the "ACT CLASS" category. Its just so sick, when u see them in groups, BIG groups. Pisses me off really when they give the snobbish look...

Well overall, its a experience but will be the First and the Last

Note: Both of us wished , 1 day we too can shop in "Taitai" mode, that is spending freely without 2nd thoughts but still....... no need for such events.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I wish I have this, I wish i have that... and i realise as my straying eyes roam, my wishlist gets longer. Hence after my brain-storming session with myself.... I decided!

I'm gonna start a online wishlist, shopping list, the "must get" list or "whatever you call it" list on my blog... My hubby is so gonna faint when he sees this...
When any special occasion or Anniversary is nearing, My hubby (or any1) shall pick a item and buy it as a gift for me. See , this is so much easier for everyone, cuz the sender don't have to rack the brains over choice of gifts, and the receiver will be so happy! This is what I called killing two birds with 1 stone, and everyone is happy.

Since I never like surprises, its works just fine for me, anyway who need surprises when u get what u been aiming like forever. Right?? Doesnt its seems good??

Btw, Im soo easy going... decided to accept whatever cash amount "donated", if the actual gift is too expensive.

Char~ WishList

Saturday, October 18, 2008

TV Commercial #11

Poor father and son... very unusual names!

TV Commercial #10

Bad Boy...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TV Commercial #8

Beer Any1? Nachos.. not for sharing either!

TV Commercial #7

With the Amex Card, will my dreams be fulfilled?
Probably yes..... working with animals,
yes thats is my dream too!

TV Commercial #6

Bridgestone again... Presenting the SCREAMING Squirrel
Is it skillful driver or excellent tyres??

TV Commercial #5

Bridgestone ~ Designed to save Lives

TV Commercial #4

Foot Spray....