Thursday, May 13, 2010


Please take note that Char has decided to change to a new blog address, as im changing a new email account.
To make things easier for me...I got to change the blog link.

All new updates will be made at effectively from now on...

Thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


This pair of cuties are the latest addition to the Ting Family, after my little Dora pass away.
They are a bundle of joy, adding alot of fun in our family and always squeaking away..
keeps the kaypoh Eto busy too!

The older one will be peanut. She is the big bully and greedy one.
Her character is very much like Eto, notti and love to snatch and bully.

This will be Butter, small and gentle.
I love her more, maybe cause she is more tiny.
She is always squeaking away when Peanut is near.... cant even fight back to Peanut.
She is so just much like Cyrus, such a daring character.

Doesnt she look prettier too?!

Friday, May 7, 2010


For All MAC Lovers, the summer edition "PRET-A-PAPIER" collection will be launch exclusively today at Raffles City starting from today 7 May 2010.
Islandwide launch from next friday 14 May 2010 onwards.

We love the polish to bits. Too bad, the actual packaging isnt as pretty as their promotional pic.

MAC Originality Nail Polish

MAC Brown Bag Nail Polish

Darn, I didnt hear the phone ringing... Drey had gotten originality polish
and she was checking if I want to get......

Should I be getting both??? Both colour are so nice..
Crap, already miss out our chance to get MAC Liberty Collection Blue India
So Im seriously considering to just buy then think..
After all, who can have too many nail polish right??

Price S$19 at MAC Counter.
All photos and swatches are from this site, click to read more!

Oh by the way, wait for more nail polish pictures....
We have ordered more from a spree!!
So excited, and I have ask Pearly to help me and Drey get the limited edition OPI
polish too, only from USA.


This is the 1 thing on earth that made Char and Drey gone MAD for the whole week, apparently It made Irene jump on e wagon as well.

Who wont go mad on a CHANEL?! especially on a Summer Limited Edition!

You are not seeing doubles or triples... Yes I had 3 bottles of these in the exact same colour.
For Char, Drey and Irene.... Drey was jumping in joy when she heard Im getting her this.
She promised me a lifetime of free mani and pedi.... (not too bad, for a $35 nail polish)

I have yet to try it on my nails. But I will be showing swatches in this colour from another nail site.
Ladies, if you have yet to get this.... please make your reservation NOW!! This colour is literally out of stock islandwide, and trust me the reservation list is super long.

Price is S$35 at all Chanel Counter.
Its limited edition so when its out.. its gone for good, just like what happen to Chanel Jade, can be found only on ebay for double or triple the price.



Im on Mc today and I shall revamp my blog today.... and revive it from the grave!
This is probably the 1st post for the year 2010? Life have been so crazy and hectic since the start of the year, with a "new" house, new boss, new office,new pets, many new shopping stuffs and definitely a new job... and now perhaps a BRAND NEW Blog.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

RENOVATION PART 8 - WK 3 ~continue

There is a slight delay, Sat was a day for painting work instead of chemical wash.
Chemical wash was scheduled to be on sunday instead.
Im quite surprised that they even work on sunday,
seems like ID is quite determined to make the reno progress right on schedule.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Earlier this week, Emma had went down to inspect
the site and took these pictures
I haven got time to check out till today but too bad...
there wasnt any chances to take picture
cuz its was pitch dark.. most of the lights have been removed.
Guess i could only update again later this weekend.

This week.. workers have start to plaster the walls. The kitchen walls look so nice..
the nicest walls in the whole house.

In fact, because of the heavy constant rain these days
the plaster couldnt dry, the workers had to bring out the fan
to blow at the wall.
I think the same will happen to the painting work.
So worried that it will cause delay.
Love these wall tiles.. always give me a
feminine feel.. but too bad, im not using them
Im so look forward thou to my own master toilet
should look so glam and exotic with e croc tiles :D