Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Lelong Lelong, this is a mega clearance sale.
Quickly come and see, limited stocks left so items are while stock last only

Im clearing all my stocks to clear space.. therefore grab now.. do not wait.
Most likely will be not be getting in any new stocks until 2010 or so!!!

Bath And Body Works Body Lotion -236ml @ S$15.00 each
(price inclusive of normal postage only)

1) Juniper Breeze (Qty -1)
2) Gardenia (Qty -1)
3) White Cherry Blossom (Qty -3)
4) Freshwater Cucumber (Qty -2)
5) Country Apple (Qty -3)
6) Irresitible Apple (Qty -5)
7) Sun-ripened Raspberry (Qty -2)
8) Sea-island Cotton (Qty -1)
9) Blackberry Amber (Qty -1)
10) Pink Grapefruit(Qty -2)
11)Enchanted Orchid(Qty -2)
12) Mango Mandarin (Qty -1)
13) Pearberry (Qty -2)
14) Midnight Promegranate (Qty -1)
15) Sensual Amber (Qty -1)
16) Flowering Herb (Qty -1)
17) Green Clover & Aloe (Qty -1)
18) Sweet Pea (Qty -2)
19) Fresh Pineapple (Qty -2)
20) Seaspray (Qty -1)
21) Cool Citrus Basil
(Qty -1)
22) Tropical Passionfruit (Qty -2)
23) White Tea & Ginger (Qty -1)
24) Brown Sugar & Fig(Qty -2)
25) Warm Vanilla Sugar
(Qty -1)
26)Cotton Blossom(Qty-2)

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Brand New MBMJ Totally Turnlock Teri in Light French Grey!
Retail: US$438 @ Shopbop
Char's Price: S$550 (SOLD)

Marc By Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Teri tote bag. Soft grained leather tote with double shoulder straps and silvertone hardware. Two front exterior pockets with turnlocks. Front and back exterior compartments with open top. Main compartment with top zip closure. Interior zip, cell phone and additional pockets. Logo lining.
  • Soft grained leather
  • 12.5"W x 13.25"H x 4.25"D
  • 9" drop from shoulder

Read bag review here!


Brand New DR Q City Bag for sale!
Retail: US$478
Char's Price: S$580 (SOLD)

  • Convertible cross-body bag
  • 15" high, 14" wide, 3" deep
  • 5 1/2" double handle strap drop
  • 16" drop detachable shoulder strap
  • Signature cotton lining
  • Top concealed magnetic closure
  • Inner zip pocket
  • Multimedia slip pockets
  • Buckle signature plaque
  • Pleating detailing
  • 100% soft pebbled leather

Read about the Bag here!

ETA date to be confirmed.


Brand new Dr Q Groovee Satchel for sale at 25% off DFS retails price!!

Now you can get the same bag in Electric Violet for only S$726.00
Grab now, as we only have limited stocks.

  • Pleated satchel
  • 8 1/2" high, 15 1/4" wide, 6" deep
  • 8 1/4" double handle strap drop
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • 100% signature logo cotton lining
  • Top-zip closure
  • Inner zip pocket
  • Two multimedia slip pockets
  • Logo plaque charm
  • Protective feet at bottom
  • 100% soft pebble-grain leather
Still not sure how great this bag is??
See to convince!
Celebrities n their Dr Q!

Note: I will advise the ETA date later on

Friday, July 10, 2009


Brand New Sullivan Street Blakely
Price @ Taka 50% sale -> $625
Retail Price ->$1250
Char's Price => $530 (SOLD)

shiny calfskin leather
over the shoulder tote with open top
interior zip pocket and double slide pockets;
2 exterior pockets with nautical turnlock
14-karat light gold plated hardware
custom woven noel jacquard lining
ksny blind embossed signature on body
style # PXRU0690
6.7" drop length
13.6"h x 12.1"w x 5.1"d

Those who are interested to get these bags, buzz me

to reserve stock.

Limited stock only and waiting for their arrival!

I will advise the ETA date later on :)


Brand New Sullivan Street Melita
Colour: Black

Price @ Taka 50% sale -> $560
Retail Price ->$1120

Char's Price -> $530 (SOLD)

shiny calfskin leather
over the shoulder satchel with zipper closure; exterior pocket with nautical turnlock
practical capacity and great everyday shape; fits magazines and A4 documents
interior zip pocket and double slide pockets
14-karat light gold plated hardware, custom woven noel jacquard lining
ksny signature on hardware
style # PXRU0689
6.7" drop length
12.5"h x 12.5"w x 3.9"d

Those who are interested to get these bags, buzz me

to reserve stock.

Limited stock only and waiting for their arrival!

I will advise the ETA date later on :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nespresso Crave

Recently come across some coffee maker while shopping for household items
they got me going bonkers!

Being a coffee addict, I go nuts when u mentioned COFFEE....
the most important household essential for me, will not be TV or pot and pans
will be coffee maker and the nice little cups that comes with it.

Woo.. its really relaxing when u can stay at home, with some good music and books
drinking some premium coffee with pretty little cups and saucers.

Peng recently found out i have this fetish for nice cups/plates/ saucer/spoons
I actually bought some cute designer plates for CAKES.

I think its heavenly when ur drinking coffee and eating cakes at the same time.
Im so determined to turn my house into a cosy cafe!!!!

Now its time for some picture!

Im aiming this baby here..

This look equally sexy! But heard washing can be a hassle

This will be cool too, but way over my budget for a maker

Then i simply cannot resist the look of this baby.
Its double walled thermo glass, made in Japan and each piece
is mouth blown to perfection.
I have already place order for 6 pcs.. cant wait to hold them in my hands.

With this, doesnt it made drinking even more enjoyable??

next, guess what are all this colourful pods??
Doesnt it look like premium chocolate pralines??

They are actually premium coffee powder
top 1% of the finest beans in the world.
Each colour represent a flavour, and all together
there are 16 flavours.

This is truly the art of coffee drinking..
glamorous the whole process of making coffee

Watch the Nespresso ads... its really tempting me

Anyone want to get me this a housewarming gift??

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Oh my, Boutique Hotel!
That is the 1st thought that came to my mind when i see the drawings.
Uberly Cool!!

I didnt have a scanner, hence I took the following
with digi cam. The drawings appear to be darker than it supposed to be.
I loved the look of my living room!
Kitchen, not my ideal but closed enough
Lower cabinet to be change to white colour and supposed
to be suspended
Master bathroom, cool... emma love this
but perhaps i shall check if there is another alternative
to make it look poshier.

Cosy cosy Bedroom...
but we haven decided if we wanted the TV in the room.
I know for sure we will not use the living room if there is a
Tv in the bedroom. :P

WIW appears to be big is it?
No.. its a illusion by the mirror on the left.
Its only 7FT.. pathetic
ID didnt want to make it bigger as it sure will block part of the windows.
And there is a minimum required space for walking!
(need to walk past this area to the bathroom)

So any comments to enhance the design??


By the way, im cannot remember if I did mentioned this.
somewhere last month, I did appointed a Interior designer to design our house.

As much as I wish to DIY, I think it would still be best to leave it to the
professional. After flipping through tons of dec magazine, I surrender.

I didnt know what exactly we wanted and how to achieve the 'look' we desired.
The message I put across was simply " We want it to be nice, posh and cosy"
Criteria #1 - Dark wood laminate (the darkest possible)
Criteria #2-Kitchen to have black floor tiles, glittery if possible
Criteria #3 - Full white kitchen cabinets
Criteria #4 - Please do not turn my house into rainbow colour
I dont care what you do.. but please stay within the budget and try not to stray

Both ID (they work in team of 2) nodded and smile..

assure they get it done my way!
Still when i said this, i was worried.. does the ID(s) really get my message?!

1 week later i rec'd an email with my space planning
Infact, that is the fourth layout they have give me in that 1 week.
Im impressed, they are really professional.
They make sure we felt comfortable with the layout
hence given us alot of choices and suggestions

We decided to go for Layout #2 but living room to follow Layout #1

So that we can make the living room look bigger.

P/s: doesnt the layout done by the profession really make a huge difference?

Hehe, the one i did earlier look so kiddish!!

Upon confirmation, 2weeks are required to produce the 3D persepective drawings

To be frank, I was looking forwarded to the drawings yet feeling scare

I cannot visualise how my house will look like with a meagre budget of $27K.

I was scare, after seeing the shitty drawings Peng's ID produce.

I wonder how mine will look like.....


Someone just "complaint" liao

CHAR!!!! where ru... how come MIA and no updates to your blog??

Hehe, come to think of it, yeah... i have been 'dead' for like 2 months already.

I dont even come to my own blog for a long while.... thanks to those
who are still popping by now and then.

I have thought my blog was pronounced dead long ago ...

Kinda of lose motivation to blog nowadays, while im busy with stuffs

Doing research on my renovation, been shopping around grabbing
good deals during the GSS .. but all i bought are household items..

Kinda of boring though.. so i didnt blog... cuz i didnt think anyone
will be interested to know.

But this someone told me "Just blog about it, benefit others
who need this info. No matter what you blog about, someone
out there will read."

Yeah Guess she is soo right... but still Im super shag...

I will try my very best to blog what i have been doing for
the past 2 mths and so on.

Warning! Its gonna get boring.... :P