Sunday, November 22, 2009

RENOVATION PART 8 - WK 3 ~continue

There is a slight delay, Sat was a day for painting work instead of chemical wash.
Chemical wash was scheduled to be on sunday instead.
Im quite surprised that they even work on sunday,
seems like ID is quite determined to make the reno progress right on schedule.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Earlier this week, Emma had went down to inspect
the site and took these pictures
I haven got time to check out till today but too bad...
there wasnt any chances to take picture
cuz its was pitch dark.. most of the lights have been removed.
Guess i could only update again later this weekend.

This week.. workers have start to plaster the walls. The kitchen walls look so nice..
the nicest walls in the whole house.

In fact, because of the heavy constant rain these days
the plaster couldnt dry, the workers had to bring out the fan
to blow at the wall.
I think the same will happen to the painting work.
So worried that it will cause delay.
Love these wall tiles.. always give me a
feminine feel.. but too bad, im not using them
Im so look forward thou to my own master toilet
should look so glam and exotic with e croc tiles :D


After one week of hacking.. things are moving alittle slow..
By week 2 friday, tiling supposed to be completed, but everything was delay
ID said, due to the rainy seasons.. all her projects had been delay slighting.
On friday, there wasnt much tiling was done.. she was pissed.. she F those tilers.

Therefore on Sat morning 915am, me and emma were surprised to see
5 person already working in the house.
At 10am, the 3 aircon guys came too..
the whole unit was so packed with workers
both me and emma could only stand at the corridor to peep in.
We are so impressed by the tilers' workmanship.. So happy!!
After 8 hrs of hardwork, most of the works are done..
but they still need to complete the balance by the following monday.
Its good enough, finally right back on schedule!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Its 02 November, Its a day which we have long been waiting for..
Renovation finally commence as of today.
Hack Hack Hack....
Everything to be GONE
YES YES....YES...!!

Then the hacking continues...

Finally, the blue blue cabinets are all gone

It has been a eyesore for 2 years

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Shopping has never been sooo stressful before.
Every single item was purchase after much consideration and thoughts.
As we dont have ahumongous budget, we didn't have the luxury to buy
all branded and beautiful things I set my eyes on.

We could only made do with the best we could afford.
Of cos, being the Ms Budget Lobang Queen.
I did my homework well before we embarked on each shopping trip.

Overall, I think I had gotten a good deal with most of the items we bought
even ping think Im so good at getting bargains!!

Most of the items such as pots & pans, I have long purchase
and put aside. As I bought most of the items during sale.. with further discount.

Well luckily i did that, if not i would have fainted when all the bills add up!

We never knew lightings and sanitary wares are so costly
until this point.
For this 2 section, we obviously have under budget for them!

In all we have bought 14 pieces of lighting, among which
12 was bought from the shop which our ID brought us to.
Even thought all the 12 lightings we chosen are normal lighting and overpriced.
We still bought it willing.

I didnt manage to took any picture because my eyes were
hurting so much from all the glaring rays in the shop.
Its hellish for me... just cant wait to get out of the shop!

But for the living and dining lighting, we decided to source on our own
so we can get more out of the same price.

Saw some of these beautiful lightings too,
prices are cheaper too.

But after spending an hr+ in the shop we both
decided to purchase the following two designs instead.

Even though the price is abit high for the 1st piece,
but both me and emma really like it.

For the looks, Emma is willing to pay for it.
Of cos, not to mentioned, the price will not
be available anywhere else.

These are the two most beautiful lighting for the whole house.
Got it at wholesale price from

Total, we have spend almost $2400 on all the lightings alone.

Its a good thing we decided to forgo all the false ceiling and L-box since day 1.
Can imagine, how much more we have to spend if we add in
all the extra cove lights etc?

Next we move on to sanitary ware..
Well I was too naive... set only a budget for 1k each
for lightings and sanitary well.

Well, I know lightings are expensive, but i thought we go for cheaper lighting
who knows, yea we got expensive taste.

But who would have predicted...even toilet bowls are costly!!

Aiyo... went to 5 shops to reckee (legs breaking activities),
and to us the best and cheapest deal can only be found at Heritage.

These are the items we have picked out, in all we spend about $2100
for all the bathroom accessories, including kitchen sink /tap
I didnt manage to take pictures of everything too.

Then we went on to purchase Aircon and washing machine.
Saw a 1 day promo for Gaincity on Sat's papers
so we quickly go take a look.

Before we have went down to Gain City, all the 3 times
different saleman give different recommendation for aircons.

Only the 3rd time, its sounds reasonable therefore
we decided to buy a Mitsubshi Starmex Inverter Sys 4.
That day itself, there was a discount of $200..
so we paid $3950 for it.
Consider it a good deal.

For all others, please read up more and hear more opinions
before you jump into buying aircons.
Its not as easy as buying a TV.. getting a wrong combi
can cause alot of problems and frustration!
This is something we have learned.

Another good deal we have grabbed from Gaincity.
8.5kg LG washing machine, after $50 off
its only $399.
Even my mom say Cheap for such a big capacity washer!!


Chooing the right materials and colours could be one of the
most difficult and time consuming phrase in the
whole renovation process.

I have seem people taking 3-5 hrs just to pick the right tiles
Another 2-3hrs just to pick colours and laminates.

Its really tough going though all the samples..
easily hundreds to go through.
For laymen like us, its difficult to visualize how the outcome will
be like based on the tiny samples we have.

If you pick the make the wrong choice, results could be disastrous
as its non-reversible.

We are fortunate, our ID have filter out a few choices for us..
and based on her recommendations,
We have a fuss free choosing experience

30mins to confirm our choice of times..
another 1hr to pick all the colours and laminates
for the whole house

There's a preview of some items we have picked
out for the house. Hope it would turn out too badly.

Didn't manage to take picture of everything as we are
moving through too quickly.

This is something i picked out myself. *proud*
its really nice, and its textured.
Can really feel the suede material on the surface
doesnt feels like wall paper.

This is my favourite tiles, meant for MBR toilet feature wall.
Original choice wasn't this mock croc tile, but a black glossy
flowery tiles which the ID have picked out

But i just couldn't give this up, over the next 3 days
I woke up with thinking of this print.
This gotta be it, so it should be!!

Textured Black laminates for my WIW.
A similiar off white colour laminates was chosen for
my kitchen cabinet.

Like i have mentioned before, not sure how a textured kitchen
cabinet will turn out to be.

But im more worried about scratches on a glossy surface.

So Emma told me to use this instead of getting irritated
with scratches later on.The orginal floor laminates was no longer available too
as power dekor had a new shipment, so colour range have change too

We have to make a choice between the two,
of cos my #1 choice will be the darker piece on the right from Power dekor.
But because of the grading issue, me and emma prefer using AC5
hence ID picked the darkest colour possible
from Supreme which is the on e left.

While i was comparing both pieces, my boys actually help us to make the choice!
They are playing round and stepping on the laminates
while im comparing on the floor.
Eto's hair look so obvious on the darker piece..totally
cannot make it.
Its gonna be difficult maintaining it.Sure will look dirty
everytime Eto wag his little tail!

Therefore we decided to go for this, as his white fur
looks less obvious on it.
The colour looks a bit different under flash light thou.

Finally the colours for the walls, ID have picked out for us
I think they are all quite pretty:)