Friday, November 28, 2008


Today was a leg breaking shopping trip for me.... as Irene went wallet shopping! We pass by Taka like 3 times, and for the 1st time ever in my life, i visit the same Mac outlet 3 times in a day, to rest my tired feet and back and also to quench our thirst.

And Fuck, I actually forgotten to bring camera along... Everywhere was SALE but ended up our roving eyes were attracted to non-sale item @ PRADA... DAMN!

Finally her damage for the day was $570, in metallic silver. Simply gorgeous &
Irene keep saying she will be "strike by lighting" for being such a spendthrift. But Irene dont you worry, cuz if lighting strike i think will strike me 1st ok!

(Pic credit from Irene's blog)

And I was attracted to this beauty even thou i was never a fan of PRADA! The leather is heavenly and divine...

Marina and Irene have asked me to calm down and think it through... but i think i will get this beauty by next week! Its too hard to resist...

Now in my mind and heart were screaming for Prada, Prada, Prada WALLET to calm down?

I sworn to my hubby that i will not buy anything for the rest of the year, and apparently things didnt went accordingly to my plan.

There is even a matching Bag for it and the cost of the bag was a whopping $3820. How to get this bag, if i never strike 4D???

My Xmas wishes is for Santa to come visit me!
Xmas is coming, how come Santa never visited me for the past 27 years, I wish he would come vist with Prada this year, maybe CASH would have been great too.

"I Promised I be good for 2 Years if you bring me this bag!"

Thursday, November 27, 2008


It's 2 mins to Midnight 28 November.... and its Irene's 28th Birthday!


Yeah... we both have been counting down to this since like 15 days back...
Hahaha... not that happy that Irene is growing older, but cause we have a date
Irene is taking day off for her birthday, and I arrange for a half day leave so we can go shopping..
But maybe window shopping for me only lah.

Its has been a long time, that i actually taken leave for shopping!! Even the thought of window shopping thrills me... hehe

Hmm, actually wanted to get a new wallet with Irene, but on 2nd thoughts, I beta not join her since my wallet is still new(unless the sale is like 60-70% off the item that i wanted :P).

Feel so guilty of spending especially during times like this.

I cant wait for tomorrow to come... and YES.. DFS sale here i come!!

This economic recession is like taking effect and i can almost feel the impact.

1) I see more Taxi inline for passengers at the Taxi Stand
2) Less people in Taxi Q
3) Shopping malls are less crowded.
(Amazingly, TM is always crowded to the brim even on weekday, but today the crowd is lesser and cashier q is shorter.)
4) Sales assistance are more willing to give free samples for skincare, which unlike in the past, shoppers would have to beg for 1.
5) MRT Trains are more crowded now
6) More on-ongoing SALE, not sure due to festive season or economic recession
7) More rumors on pay cut & retrenchment
8) More sever impact, my customers are taking longer to pay me...

Hmm, when will this end....... ??


Thursday, November 20, 2008


I realise I haben been blogging for days.. so I recalled what have i been doing for the past few days except sleeping.

OMG ! I have been spending.. and its horrible cuz its not even consider shopping lor

Since SUNDAY...
Rebonding - $158
Rebond Shampoo/Conditioner - $48.00
Contact Lens (2 wks supply) - $48.00
Kiehl Hair Mask - $56.00
Watson -$12.oo
Facial (today) - $55.00
SKII Cleanser for mom - $34.45

Total: $411.45

Then since yesterday, the four of us, Me, Irene, Ling and Audrey have been crazy shopping online for skin care pdts that are being in "Nu Ren Wo Zui Da". Eyes spoilt again, we aimed so many items but having to purchase with discreetion the rest will have to wait next round.

I have order the following:
1) Shills Whitening Mud Mask - NT 275
2) Shills Foam Este Pack - NT 202
3) Anosa Nipple Cream - NT 199

Total - NT 676 = S$48

Damn sianz, because of all these, Im too guilty to get the RM's Bag, guess I have to wait for the next sale.

Tomorrow, Im still meeting the gals for BB cream shopping lor.

This morning, I still took taxi somemore -$19 bucks, Crap when im complaining IM BROKE!
Talking about Taxi, finally they have remove the $0.30 fuel surcharge, Crappy... shortly after the surcharge was imposed.
Fuel price have drop.. yet the charges remain untill now. Cuz of recession lah, so reduce $0.30 cents lah.
Please lor... when will the rest of the charges like erp, peak hr surcharges be removed?!

And also.. PUB bills increased somemore.. like extra 50 bucks, that is $600 a yr man!

What kind of logic is that, economy bloom, everything also increase price, but when recession all the relevant authority ACT BLUR huh?!

Hmm.. I better calm myself down before the blahhing starts and i get sue for scolding PAP!
Anyway, back to the items I have bought.. I will try out and review it again when Im free.

So far 1st test with Kiehl hair mask, effects is quite good.. I dont even need to comb my hair as its tangle-free and super soft.

The best of it, only need to put on for 5 mins and then wash off.
So its like hassle free.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

TV Commercial #12

Pepsi.. Seen Sumo played soccer before?
Its my 1st.. amazing


Came across this article online.
Supposed to b
e written by a primary school.
Its really 欠扁!


我家住在深山中,每次要出去買東西,都相當麻煩,開賓士要 5 小時,開保時捷也要4 小時;雖然家裡有直昇機,但是開到那邊很難找到停機位,相當的不方便。我偶爾也會出去逛街,爸媽怕我被綁架,隨身有 20 多個保鑣保護著,大家看到我都嚇跑了,所以我從小就開始被排斥...... 因為家裡是在深山,每次到了冬天都非常冷,爸爸也說,出去買東西很麻煩,所以冬天沒有暖爐...沒有棉被...每天只能陪著爸媽燒錢取暖 ... 而睡覺的時候,也只能蓋著錢睡覺 (我覺得英鎊比較溫暖) 。

 記得小時候,有一次,因為房間太大,還來不及跑出房間,就尿褲子了。所以,爸爸在我房間放了一台小綿羊機車,好讓我能在10分鐘以內,衝出1000 坪的房間,穿越 5公里的走廊,到達800 坪的廁所 (我常常在走廊迷路 ) 。爸爸又另外叫人加蓋了20間 600坪裡面有著250 坪小廁所的破房間。爸爸說:以後如果尿濕了,直接換房間,如果房間不夠或是太小的話,再告訴爸爸,爸爸再叫人來多蓋幾間,我們的生活很辛苦,你要忍著點!!


 還記得有一次,家裡遭小偷,因為他用炸藥炸壞了我爸的保險箱,使得裡面的金幣不斷的往外滾出來,結果竟把那個小偷壓死了......我覺得那個小偷好可憐 ......金幣壓死人是很痛的!! 他不像之前那個被鈔票悶死的小偷一樣幸運。


所以我從小養成了刻苦耐勞精神,我將來的志願,是要找 200 隻會吃錢的怪物,好把家裡的錢都吃光,為那些可憐的小偷報仇!!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Madagascar 2

This cartoon is hilarious, we(me, emma and irene) are laughing our lungs out throughout the whole show.
I would said it well worth the $$, as we all have a good time and enjoying every bit of the show.

For those we have yet to see.. enjoy the trailer 1st.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Launched on 20 Nov 08, its already on my "wanna watch" list. Im a sucker for any movies with dogs or animals.
Not to mention, Im so anticipating for "Marley & Me" as well!
Meantime I'm sure this will fixed my movie addiction.

Trailer 1st:

ALERT TO IDIOTS: Stay away for the day

Today is Friday!!!! Woohoo...

Not sure is it the weekend mood or the discussion with my boss last evening, I woke up feeling Damn Happy this morning! Totally refreshed and I felt good about myself

So all the idiots please stay away from me for your own safety. I've have sworn to kill any idiots or bastard who will ruin my mood or gets on my nerves for the rest of the day.

By the way, I did something to freak my boss out last evening!

Boss: Char, shall we buy TOTO?

Me: Huh? Now??! Already 5pm+ liao ley, dun expect me to rush there lor

Boss: No lah, Next week also can lah. We both share. Want anot?

Me: Share? You zun boh? I no luck de ley.. even the fortune teller says so

Boss: Yah lah, nevermind mah, we share and merge luck maybe can

Me: Okay lor, I ask hubby to run there and buy..

Then I started to daydream liao

Me: Boss, Sys 8 quick-pick buy liao

Boss: Numbers very nice, sure can strike

Me: Muahahahaha…. STRIKE? Yes… then I don’t wan to work liao

Boss: Huh, char.. cannot like tat lor. We must work to past time

Me: Its okay lah, I can keep SHOW Dogs to past my time

Boss: Ehh… *stunned*

Me: Hmm, Lao Ban, Seriously lor hor.. U get ready ley

Boss: Hmm, for what??

Me: Get ready hor, If tonight we strike, tomorrow u get urself a new helper!!! Okay

Boss: WTF, like tat not good news for me ley if strike TOTO

Me: …….

See my boss is contradicting himself.
How can it be” BAD NEWS” to strike TOTO right??

Anyway back to reality-> Never strike TOTO, then boss also starts to daydream.
Say he quit with me if strike next week.

Duh got see bosses like this de meh??!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cure for Mood Swing = Work = $$

Was on Msn with Celina today, damn.. this gal always manage to distract me from work or stress. So i wasnt too unhappy today and guess my mood swings are coming to a end Finally!

Seeing that she got so busy and occupied with her selling blog, reminds me that i used to do so in the past. But recently was so stress over work that i forgotten all about it.

A good way of distracting myself from being depressed is to work and sell stuffs and earn $$.

That is..cure for mood swings. Didnt i say my hobby is working which = earning $$?? and seeing $$ makes me HAPPY!

Yeah.. so i shall start again...couldnt start today. I was given a jab for tummy cramp, doc advise to rest more.

Project for the weekend, continue my selling blog.

If you are my friend, please show SOME SUPPORT OKAY.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Self Discovery -> Part 1

Equally depressed today, try to force myself to focus on work instead but its difficult.
Lost in depression and work stress.. my morales gets lower. Dipping like wall street Index..SAD

Im lost in TRANSITION.. suddenly I wonder who am I??

I dont know anymore but I know I need to get out of this shit.

I decided to google online, try to know myself better.
I know that's rather stupid, but heck I work alone there is no one else i can talk to except Irene on MSN
My bad breath are forming cuz i haven spoken to anyone for the last 12 hours.

Then I found this Online quiz -> to test my Personality okay I guess that is 1 way of self discovery.

So let get started, its a long quiz, so after 44 questions, Im supposed to know MYSELF better.
So i expected that the results will be LONG??

I click done and POP
My results is


WTH, thats all?? The end.. Yes

So what does that means??

Again I google for definition of conscientiousness.

From Wikipedia:
is the trait of being painstaking and careful, or the quality of acting according to the dictates of one's conscience. It includes such elements as self-discipline, carefulness, thoroughness, organization, deliberation (the tendency to think carefully before acting), and need for achievement. It is an aspect of what was traditionally called character. Conscientious individuals are generally hard working and reliable. When taken to an extreme, they may also be workaholics, perfectionists, and compulsive in their behavior. People who are low on conscientiousness are not necessarily lazy or immoral, but they tend to be more laid back, less goal oriented, and less driven by success.

So I already know Im a workaholic and my hobby is working.. and then?
Shall make it a point to know myself better from now..

Anyone here knows themselves 100% well, please teach me!

p/s: Irene, thanks for trying so hard to cheer me. I will heed your advise. Dont worry.. I'll be okay

Monday, November 10, 2008

Friendship = Bubbles=Nothing?

Felt very depressed today almost to the point of crying, not sure cause by work stress or cuz of the conversation I have with Gwen earlier on.

I'm reminded me of the past again.

What really is friendship?? Is it so fragile that it can burst like a bubbles overnight or erupted like a volcano without warnings? I thought True Friends will understand each other without words and understood each other's intention and thoughts without explanation.
Either I was wrong or we have not understand each other well enough as I've assumed.

Our friendship...a fragile and intricate relationship between Me, Gwen, Angie, Emily and Geannie.

This has a issue which I been shelving it away since the day Emily move out of my house and perhaps out of my Life. This pain will etched deeply in my heart forever, lost of a precious friend
I know I will lose her the moment that I have asked her to move... I know it will happen even though she said no hard feelings... I know it will happen when I lied to myself that she will understand 1 day... I know it will happen even when we both promised and assured no damages done.

I knew it and still I did it.................

I'm sad and pained that things have come this way after 5 years of happiness with the gals. I no longer talk to Geannie for the past 2yrs, and Emily no longer talks to me for the past 6 months. Situation have become stiff and awkward especially for Angie and Gwen, they are caught in between.

Nobody wants such endings, what really happen?

In both incident, I'm deemed as the betrayer and the selfish bitch.

Is there a misunderstanding between us or simply our friendship is too fragile?

Shall let it be...I have no idea how to explain, what to explain and lastly no wish to explain myself.

Losing Geannie, I was angry and sad hoping it will be last and final.
Losing Emily, the pain was doubled this time, I lose faith and give up hope.
I'm tired and weary especially after Angie's birthday celebration last month.
Things never really got better, it will never be the same ever again. Im certain.

Angie send me a touching "thank you" sms for attending her birthday party, rightfully in the past I would have reply a equally touching sms but now I did not.
I did not know what to reply.. till now, It has been a month since I last contacted her.

No longer looking forward to the gathering anymore.
No longer looking forward to the festive seasons where we party together and exchanges gifts
No longer looking forward to any Birthday Celebrations even mine
No longer looking forward to any Wedding Celebration even mine
No longer looking foward to anything anymore

Hope 1 day their wish will come true, Emily, Geannie, Angie and Gwen will resolve all misunderstanding and rekindle the sparks of friendship and remain as best friends like the past.. while I remain out of the circle alone this is what I feel will be the best for all....

This is my choice.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Erabrow By Erabelle - Part 2

Finally its the day... conclusion.... -> PAINLESS and overall , I like my new eyebrows
today is the 5th day and my eyebrow already started peeling and colour have lighten.
Now waiting to see the end results of peeling before i went for a touch-up this few weeks........................... till then.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Facial - Damn Worth

Was having a bad migraine since Thursday , in fact I'm still having migraine now. But suai lah,
I already fixed appointment for facial, and since it the 1st I dont want to cancel. Especially today getting my eyebrows fixed, next 2 weeks cannot do facial... by then I think my Face will rott lor...actually now already consider Lan le.

This therapist is a homebased, and recommended by Irene. Supposed to be very nice and good, since homebased, usually wont hardsell, so wont end up getting nightmare facial experience.

Therfore I went with confidence....
Finally I reach the destination, and greet by Sabrina ( my therapist) ...
She is super slender and has damn good skin.... I cant even see her PORES at close proximity!
Damn.. No wonder she is my Therapist lah

Sabrina is super friendly and helpful, offer alot of tips for diet and skincare. Then i realise, before she was 1 with super bad skin and plague by Huge Acne problem... It took a long time and hardwork to achieve her current flawless skin. Highly motivated by her I decided not to be lazy anymore! I shall give myself 6 months time and be more discipline. With her help, I hope i can see improvements to my skin condition.

So while she was doing her work on my face, patiently explaining each steps she is doing and its purpose. Then suddenly she ask a weird question. The conversation is like this.... after the end she couldnt stop laughing at me...

Sab: Ehh, tomorrow u going anywhere?
Me: Hmm, why u wan to ask me out meh?? Im going to do my eyebrow only lah
Sab: Oh , Im checking if you have any special events, if not maybe i can do more extraction
(aka squeeze the pimple) for you?
Me: Oh, like tat ar... just go ahead lah..Already so UGLY, a few more spots wont make it worse
right? Anyway, i doubt anyone will realise the difference.
Sab: "STUNNED" Huh
Sab: Aiyooo.... why u say until like tat... so jiat liat meh? Since like tat, you dun scream ar..
I will start LOR

So she proceed.. and indeed its F painful but i endure... But so much beta than my previous Devil therapist who is obessed with extraction.

Next she did alot of other things. In short....... I have the following done all at the cost of $55 nia.. Damn cheap and worth it lor... outside anyway could have cost $200+ per session with package.

1) Cleanse my skin
2) Apply 2 time of cream to cleanse the pores.
3) then with the cream on, she turn on the steam
4) Start the extraction followed by
5) A equipment like radar detector, supposed to kill the bacteria and closed the pores
6) Another roller equipment supposed to detox my skin, i was hopping it can make my face
slimmer thou
7) Ultrasound on both my eye and face, supposed to aids blood regulation, promising to lighten
dark eye circles as well
8) This is the ultimate 1, a nuzzle that is spraying oxygen directly to my face and neck
9) followed by a mask
10) complete by toner and moisturiser.

See, all the above done for only $55, go where and find right??
I cant wait for my next facial, as this is so relaxing and make me feel so lavishy pampered by pure oxygen treatment. And at such afford price, Im so tempted to have facial twice a month, hoping that this will treat all my skin problems as well.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dora Gal

Introducing Dora, my new baby rank No.4 in the family.

Never seen a Black Hamster before??
Please do not doubt her heritage, Im serious!
She's a Black Winter White, 1 of the dwarf hamster breed.

Many have ask if she is a RAT?!
Come'on lah, got see such a Cute and Chio Rat before meh!!

Princess down on her pinky stairs

Monday, November 3, 2008

Erabrow By Erabelle - Part 1

Pass by Erabelle's roadshow on Sat (1/11/08), so i gather my courage and step in voluntarily
Meaning to do something to my messy ugly eyebrows for the past week, finally I saw their promo and took their promo 3-in -1 package $39.00 for eyebrow design/Lip re-designing/upper & lower eyeliner. Damn worth it, cuz the usual price for each is $21.

When i was waiting for my turn, I've noticed alot of sales talk, but I've psycho myself, not to have impulsive "buys" unless the package is really really attractive!
In fact I've called in 2 mths ago to enquire abt Erabow, their semi-perm cosmetic artistry on eyebrows AKA "Xiu Mei". Over the fone, they have quote $800, without providing touch-up, kaoz Its like 3 times more than the usual "xiu mei" outside even though they are like more branded and guaranteed of more natural brows.

Its finally my turn, the artist did a little sales talks while doing my eyebrow, and luckily I'm not new to their brand and service, so she didn't really went into the detail especially when i told her how the overprice service have deter me from stepping into their shop. She completed the brow, eyeliner and lip design only on e right side of my Face that i can compare
I knew i must have look super duper hilarious... but the result was INSTANT.
I have forgotten to take pictures!!!

But to my delight hehehe.... she offer me a the student package for Erabrow. Muahahaha, really 'tan tio' cuz I already have intentions to do it, but hesitating due to the price Factor.

Now this is what she offered:
-Student Price @ $577.80
-usual price for Erabrow is $799.

On top of that:
-e $39 brow design for the day was waived
-FOC 1 pack of tissue mask, supposed to provide instant relief to dry skins (worth $64)muahaha, I dont have dry skin, but i was literally peeling from the pimple gel.. so 'tan tio' again
- 20% rebate voucher of value $108 , for redemption on products or facial
I can use that before CNY, save $$ again.
- 2 touch-up session
Bargain for extension on 2nd touch-up , she agreed, extend to 2 yrs.

So in total, for only the eyebrow minus off all the freebies, it only cost me $366.80. See compare to the original of $799, there is a savings of $432. Of cos, i sign up immediately!!!

I know I can do the same eyebrow out for $250, but I was more willing to pay a little extra for the extra mile of assurance. Now my appointment for the real thing was fixed on this Friday 7th Nov. I'm so excited... definitely will remember to post the before and after picture this time!

If this turn out to be really good, I will go for the Eraliner ($1200) and Eralip ($1600) infuture.

My advice to people who have poor resistance to impulsive spending, please do not bring your credit card on your 1st visit to Erabelle. High chances you will end up swapping your credit card there!

Sushi Craving

Sunday morning supposed to be a housework day.

Im home alone, bored and shag, too lazy for housecleaning

So I went online instead... but i couldnt surf for bags(incase my wishlist gets longer) anymore

so i decided I need to divert my attention elsewhere!

I turn to online Gaming instead

Here I am, landed on Viwawa website playing the only game i can handle... Sushido!

Then the unexpected happen!

I spend $30 on the website, buying "sushi"

(I must be crazy!)

I was supposed to curb myself from spending on bags so I turn to playing game

so how can I SPEND $30 buying some sushi that couldnt even feed me!!!!!!!!

The person who created this site is so EVIL, making spending on the site so easy...

Pay via scratchcard(from 7-11)/sms/creditcard/paypal

And the INEDIBLE sushi I bought

The clothings, hair and make-up I've bought

Put together TADAH! My sweet little WAWA!

Any Sushido gamer, please add me okay!!

Lets see how long I can keep playing this, hope I dont spend any more $$ on the site

(Keep my fingers crossed)

Kiddy Shopping

Last Sat, I went shopping with my niece for her Birthday gift.
Promised to get a Barbie doll for her.. weird, she is such a tomboy...

why on earth did she want a Barbie for??
While we are browsing among the "Millions of Barbie", she finally find THE ONE.

I'm amazed by the range of Barbies that are available now, was never a fan of Barbie, but certainly impressed by the extensive range they created esp. for 1 special doll,

that was displayed in the showcase.

This Barbie gal cost a whopping $249.90, the one my niece pick was $39.90.

See the difference??

I was fascinated by this Barbie that I forgotten to take picture of the Doggy Barbie

(don't know the exact name)

What is so special about this Bride Barbie, that is cost $249.90, 6 times more than the usual?? Seriously would you part $250 for a doll, its to expensive for playing!

Now Eye Candy for you



Note the dedicated lace trimming on the gown, can see that its really of good quality fabric.

And the masterpiece is exquisite.
Sorry for the yellowish picture (cause of the lighting)

See the price tag....

Now, still wondering whats so special other than the gown on the bride doll??

Yes its a VERA WANG Bride: The Romanticist
Created under the direction of the designer herself, that explains the impeccable detailing on the gown and excellent workmanship.. not to mention the price that's comes with it!
(It's on the Barbie Collector Series, and only 8900 units produced worldwide)