Thursday, October 8, 2009


Been too busy to do any updates.
Anyway was happy and glad that we found the owner the following morning.
My mom said they doggy was soo happy when she saw her owner!!

She was really so smart and guai, didnt created a mess for my mom too..
Hehe, but still my mom was glad, she only had got to foster the doggy for 1 night.

I have taken some picture of it, she was so camera -shy that she actually growled at Irene
for trying to steal some snapshots!!!

Oh what a character! I shall post a picture soon... :)

Monday, October 5, 2009


Seems like every year since i gotten Cyrus, I've getting a lost dog every year.

Today, my mom called me and my aunt found a lost dog and nobody want to help foster.
Haha, somehow my mom got threatened in helping to foster the dog if not I will bring it back home with me.

Cool, Im going straight over to her place to help locate the owner.... hope this time, it wont take too long for me to locate the owner. Last year, it took me 2 weeks to reunite the schnauzer i found with it owner.

I just cant wait to see what kind of dog she found, she said its so pretty, bigger than cyrus,
white and brown in colour, looks like a sheep with fluffy coat and long nose like eto.
My guess, it could be a sheltie.

Gonna get more pictures and info , before i post it up here...

Anyone here who has lost a dog, or know of anyone who has lost their dog, please keep a close tab on my updates yea!

Friday, October 2, 2009


My goodness!

I simply have the talent of splurging no matter where I am!

Managed to buy a YSL mascara and blush without even stepping out of my office... :P

Thanks to Drey, she went to the Luxasia miniware house sale this noon,

and got me these two pretty things!

The packaging look so luxurious isn't it? Glam lor!

The mascara was retailing at $46 and on sale for $20
while the blush was retailing at $67 and on sale for $25

Its more than 50% off!! Great BUY!!

The bad news was when she arrived, the lip gloss that I was lemming badly for
was out of stock. I saw the one Drey had, first look was okay only
until she told me there is shimmer with real gold in it.

OMG! Gold in the lippy, I knew i just got to had it.
but it was all gone....

worse, YSL cosmestic had pulled out of SG for good
so the next available chance will be DFS@ Changi.

Ailing, Im counting on you already hor...
**blink blink with hopeful eyes**

For those who may still be keen, can drop by at
Raffles City, Robinson level 3
Its held at a conference room near the Customer Service Counter.

YSL is not the only product on sale, most of the branded fragance
distributed by Luxasia on sale up to 80% off.

It's on till 04 Oct '09.

Oh Shiok!

I just came back from the Laneige Beauty Fair with drey... and this is what I got!

All for $110.00

Yippee!! Usually all the full size items would have cost
a whopping $246.00 already.
Its such a steal!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Okay, Im know I have not been posting something for quite a while, haha.. infact for a long time
I thought my blog is dying or dead. Even my friend say whats with the non-updating status?!!

I been busy and Im having a boring schedule.. seriously everyday is practically the same.
I didnt know what to blog about , or i just didnt want to blog at all...

Yeah, till angie reminded me on her wedding day.... My blog is bored and she is soo disappointed not to see a new post each time she come into my blog. Plus the exclaimation look (!) on her face when she saw my make-up poach, filled with Chanel cosmestics..

I realised I been MAD about skincare!!

Recently I been so crazed on skincare and beauty products... so instead of spending the time to maintain my blog. I been using the same amount of time to mask my face and surfing beauty forums! Hehe for sacrificing my blog, in return im getting improvement on my face.

After 10 long years, I've finally find the right products.... even SKII couldnt so the same wonders for me ~_^

I didnt have the greatest skin to start with....
Not that I've porcelaine flawless skin now, but its so much better compared to the past.. when Im simply chicken-pox face or Ms Acne! The oily face of the past are now gone (touchwood!), and its not even oily for the whole day in the office. At the very least, I can proudly walk out of the house and not feel ashamed of my unbalance skin tone with oily skin and tons of pimples markings.

Keep my fingers crossed... Hope its just get better day by day!!


Oh Man, I almost went crazy again now that I saw that laneige is having a "warehouse" sale
at Isetan Wisma starting Today!

I just got to go with drey and stock up if its really cheap, the last sale.. I heard its was $20 for each skincare. Super worth.. i hope its the same.

Since Monday to Wednesday, I have already spend $170 on laneige, $40 in watson.. and craving to add another item on my Chanel collection!

Someone please tell me... its an investment well worth the time and $$!