Thursday, September 25, 2008

The day when I made a mistake

*Blog author: ETO Boy (17 mths old)*

Today I overheard mummy chatting on the fone, and she was saying "Aiyo, sorry la... dun scold him le lor. He never pee on the floor before , how i know he pee on you so zun tio boh??... n its so looong ago liao ley"

So obvious lor.... the subject of the conversation must be ME! and the caller must be Angie ah yee....... :(

No wonder the adults always say, cannot make a mistake if not it will haunt you for life.
Now i finally believe it!! Sob Sob

***Eto looks up to the sky, with tears in his big round eyes and recalls***

Many many many months ago, Mummy invited all the Ah yeeS for a gathering at home.
After their dinner (which they didnt share with me), they were seated around the hall for a chit chat session while I was happily playing with Gor Gor and Miki.

Then hor who knows at such a bad timing I need to pee urgently. Haiz so mah fan, high tide le, cannot pee on the floor and toilet is a distance away.
At this moment, something caught my attention..

YES!! there is a tree, and a Big BLACK one.
(Weird rite?, but who cares, black or brown)

Yah yah, this is what i saw Gor Gor do before, raise his leg and pee on the tree, Mummy and Daddy will praise him after tat!

God is so kind to me, managed to find a tree during emergency like this...... Of cos, I run there at the speed of light! Pee cannot wait right, wait will fall sick de ley.

So i do what Gor Gor did, raise my hind leg and....... Release.........Ahhhh Shiok!
(expecting for praises & kisses )

Suddenly, there were screams from nowhere.. hmm what happen, got ghost eh???!
Before I knew it, I saw Gor Gor stun and staring at me from far ....and Ouucch!!!!!!
I got spanked on my pi pi

I look up, saw Mummy's angry face. I couldnt run... HELP HELP!

she splank me harder, twice this time asking why i pee on Angie???!!

WTH? Since when did I do that.... I reconfirm this time and to my horror the Big BLACK tree wasnt there anymore.......

Kwa Tio Kwee, the Big BLACK Tree has transformed into the beautiful Angie Ah yee

**who is always in black**

Her face was shock, stunned and disgusted, no longer in smiles!!

Angie Ah yee, I soompa I didnt do it on purpose, I was then young, naive and innocent!


Give me another chance to atone for my sin!
I promise not to pee on you,your bum or anywhere else..

I shall make up to you by sharing the delicious biscotti and muffins Mummy buy for me, on your next visit.

Sincerely sorry and waiting,

Eto Boy

Money No Enough - Part 3

Kaoz, I miss the days when I took taxi to and fro everywhere everyday until........... the hike in cab fare and on top of that -> 35% peak hr surcharge/CBD surcharge/ERP surcharge/mid-night charge & the latest diesel surcharge.
With all the ++, I suffer from the "Meter Syndrome" if there is a traffic jam somewhere in the PIE/CTE/KPE/ECP. My heartbeat will be in accordance with the jumping fare meter!

For the most obvious reason Taxi wasnt know as 240 anymore.

Now I could only restrict to morning cabs if Im late for work which is like a daily affair. After work, I will kwai kwai take mrt back home, soon i realise I hate to go home after work.

BECAUSE every single day after work I'm trap in situation like this...SHIT

KNS, then i have to wait for the 3rd or 4th train before I can board the fucking Train. Not that Im tooo FAT okay,
but simply no space to squeezes my fat Arse in lor.
Finally when I got on, its another story...

As if wasting my time wasnt enough, I have to put with smelling some smelly Ah Neh armpits or in touch with sweaty Tees( Wooh Yucks!) like for the next 30mins all the way to Tampines. My fault for staying so far east, or my mom's fault that im born such a shorty!?

Then to solve my transports problems hor (dont want to smell armpits anymore), I started to learn driving and I did my sums. Even if i trade in all the cab fare for a car , the equation isnt 1+1=2. I got the misc to pay -> COE/Maintenance/Road Tax/Insurance/Parking @ home,malls & office (sibei siong for cbd/town area) and the


My "Meter Syndrome" will soon become "ERP Syndrome",

suffering a heart attack every time the


How to bloddy afford a car like that?!

Who the hell introduced the Taxi Fare Hike & ERP????!

Tolong! can someone teach me how to survive in this Pay And Pay society mah?

Therefore, during my bo liao brainstorming session with myself,

I came up with an ingenious Idea to solve all the above problems!

That is back to basic.....If transport can be in this form

ME and the rest of YOU can save alot of $ lor.
Muahahahaha, smart boh?

But only if some Idiots dont start charging ERP on bicycles later on. *dangz*

TV Commercial #3

This is totally hurts Ouch Ouch..... and hilarious! I knew it cuz Im into acupuncture recently.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TV Commercial #2

Some spanish ads, the best actor award goes toooo......... tatah


Opps, Im think im guilty of this crime sometimes! Lucky my dogs didnt learn this trick yet!

TV Commercial #1

Watching Tv commercials is one of my favourite passtime (dont laugh ahh)since young , thanks to my mom. Hasnt got much toys in the past, so how did my mom keep me BUSY? Simple, switch on the TV ,have me seated right in front and start watching! So other than my fave program Sesame Street, the next will be TV commercials.

Seriously, TV commercials are very entertaining... dont believe me?? Watch IT!
This ads is from Thailand and its promoting the famous "Transvestite and ghostS".......kidding! Its about light bulbs.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just for Laughs - Creative Signages

Purely for entertaining sake,
had a good laugh after this email from Irene.
Very good and cheap form of entertainment after work.
Just got to admit these are very creative.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dog dials 911 to save owner

Chanced upon this piece of news, truly amazed by the intelligence of this German Shepherd named Buddy. Wish my dogs are this smart!

Article taken from PHOENIX -- "Man's best friend" doesn't go far enough for Buddy -- a German shepherd who remembered his training and saved his owner's life by calling 911 when the man had a seizure. And it's not the first time Buddy has been there for owner Joe Stalnaker, a police officer said Sunday.

On a recording of the 911 call Wednesday, Buddy is heard whimpering and barking after the dispatcher answers and repeatedly asks if the caller needs help. "Hello, this is 911. Hello ... Can you hear me? Is there somebody there you can give the phone to," says the dispatcher, Chris Trott.

Police were sent to Stalnaker's home, and after about three minutes Buddy is heard barking loudly when the officers arrived. Scottsdale police Sgt. Mark Clark said Stalnaker spent two days in a hospital and recovered from the seizure. "It's pretty incredible," Clark said. "Even the veteran dispatchers -- they haven't heard of anything like this."

Clark said police are dispatched whenever 911 is called, but that Stalnaker's address was flagged in Scottsdale's system with a notification that a trained assistance dog could call 911 when the owner was incapacitated. Clark said Stalnaker adopted Buddy at the age of 8 weeks from Michigan-based Paws with a Cause, which trains assistance dogs, and trained him to get the phone if he began to have seizure symptoms. Buddy, now 18 months old, is able press programmed buttons until a 911 operator is on the line, Clark said. Clark said Buddy has made two other 911 calls when Stalnaker was having seizures.

He said Stalnaker's seizures are the result of a head injury he suffered about 10 years ago during a military training exercise.

My first-ever blog on ........ CURSE of 0909

I'm well-known for my sense (no-sense) of direction and the same goes to writing and composition. But today I shall start my first "Compo" not on myself but on Ms Gwennie and the Curse.
(God, please bless me.. hope i can finish this in a day!)

Curse of 0909 aka Curse of 9th Sept. What is so special about 9th Sept?! - Well its the most celebrated, most-dread and most remembered cursed day known to the people in my little circle. Uh-uh wrong guess, it not my birthday or wedding anniversary!

It's our gwennie's birthday. Lucky gwen or should I say poor gwen, your birthday is always the "most happening" day of the year since yr 2005 till when maybe yr 2XXX...????

Your dramatic birthday events
(p/s, for more indepth details , refer to Gwennie's blog)

2005: Unexpectedly due to a messy and confusing BGR situation, our blurred Ms A confused, concussed and drunk created a embrassing moment for Ms G. Not her fault that she was no good with matching names to faces after a few drinks, but it drive Ms G hopping mad with that incident. Cant remember the mini-confrontation that follows thou but after some slamming and crying, Ms A left and the rest of us proceed to the gals night out. Althought there is some *hiccups* the plan still went as usual.
That year is the start of TROUBLE

2006: Haha, this time celebration was held at the same venue again as the previous year. 1 week before the Big day -0909, Moi, Ms E ,Ms A and also Gwen were praying hard nothing dramatic happen this year. We all attended with a big smilling face, but still praying hard deep down in our hearts. Nothing much happen through-out the whole party to gwen's delight. All was peaceful and quiet until Ms E, Ms A and Moi reach home. Three of us received the same sms (need not attend her wedding if busy) from Ms G.........apparently she was unhappy and that she was left out of Ms E's maritial counselling session during the evening and hence forwarded such a harsh sms to us and the many weird things that follows after the outrage.

Called it Jealousy, Childish , Insensitivity, Brainless, Egoistic or Unreasonable- this behavious from Ms G was totally unacceptable and unforgiven. Ms A and I decided to isolated ourselves from her since then even her wedding.

2006 was even bigger TROUBLE then 2005. Since 10th September 2006, Gwen's world was split into two namely the Group A and B.

2007: 2007 was a good year for birthdays. Trouble was absence this time, while Gwen had a difficulty and busy time planning her birthday celebrationS. Celebrated her birthdays twice this year just for the sake of keeping Group A and Group B away from each other. All's well that end well, but only for that month at the very least, Gwen was thankful no fighting for the day.

Oct 07 was my ROM, something major happen after my "honeymoon". My new wedding life was not a sweet world of two but six. ( includ my two poochies, Ms E and her "good" friend). Many months later due to house rules incompatibility , mis-understanding arises and this strain the relationship between me and Ms E. This incident split Group A up further into smaller groups.

Creepy isnt it, all the weird things that follows after every 0909 celebration!

2008: This year, I was absent from the celebration... caused I was the OUTCAST for the year. Nah, not yet! Sorry I couldnt attend for some reasons. Like what Gwen had said, as we grow older hope some issues could be buried and be forgotten. But I soon realised otherwise, to be precise, as Gwen grows older, the candles on her cakes increase in number as her age, so does the number of celebrations held for her birthday and maybe more gifts? (we used to share 1 gift) . This year, Gwen celebrated thrice intended for Group A ( A-1 & A-2) and Group B.

2008 - no dramatic events but hope the trouble ends here. If not Gwen might have to hold 5, 6 or 7 celebrations next year (choy!Touchwood!) Gwen, pls keep your fingers cross....

Looking back, our relationship with the other five gals ( A, E, G, R & L) is truly complicating, messy and fragile. Why is that so, I really do not know. But for obvious reason, I was involved in all the brawls that started from 2005, so maybe your curse is ME??? LoL, coincidently I was absent for 2008 and nothing happen... YET! Please do not outcast me but you may strike me off your guest list for 2009 or better yet, no more celebration?!! (Im just kidding, no offense k.)

As for your birthday wish, point noted and hope it comes true! But Ms G, Ms A and me is a BIG mis-match, while i was hoping things will turn out fine 1 day for Ms E and me. Do not know when but lets have faith and patience.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yummy-licious Cakes

Its truly finger licking good... erm no paws licking good.
Who says cakes for our poochie friends cant look this good. Its really tasty, tried and tasted by moi, Cyrus and Eto!
Thanks to Koko, Happy 3rd birthday to You! We have such delicious Mango Cheese cake for dinner.

The rest just for viewing pleasure. Such be getting it soon for my bois birthday.