Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Which will you choose??

Today we went mattress shopping at Tampines One.
As there are Simmons and Serta side by side.
Thanks to Ping and Kem, as they informed me of the mattress promo.
They also told me Serta is highly recommended by their circle of friends
I think so too, since Serta is one of the Top 'S' in singapore.

So we too decided to purchase during a sale so as to "SAVE"!

Our budget for a King Size mattress and frame is $3500.
Our 1st stop is Simmons, but I decided not to go in , as their current promo
for a queen size matt is already $2500++ for their normal range.
Not to mentioned, King size for a spine care range will definitely be out of budget!

So I decided to go Serta 1st for a view
The sales Serene was really friendly and nice
and she was very patience.. told us to try all the beds and explain
what are the differences.
Indeed... the price are really more affordable after discount
not to mentioned with a whole lot of freebies throw in.

As I have a back problem and a personal preference
I prefer hard as wood mattress.
There are only two models that fit the bill.

Missouri and Sophiscation.
Missouri is closer to our budget , the price after discount is abt $2786
add extra for a frame of $699, it will still be $3485
but somehow sleeping on it doesnt feel as good as sophiscation, its still abit soft

Sophiscation on the hand was firm as wood..my spine feels at ease
while resting on it. But the price was definitely not pleasing to the eye & wallet.
Original price is $5999, after discount is $3668 and with the bed frame it will be $4367.
Still its $880 over our budget.

Woah, its such a tough decision..
comfort over budget or vice versa??!

The sales told us, since delivery is after reno
in that case we have many more months to consider.
Place a deposit to lock the price, and no penalty for upgrade or downgrade
Therefore just in case price hike for their best selling model sophiscation
she advise that we locked the price... and think about it.
Good advise, we just do that!!
Since we wont lugi, but hor pray hard the price drop then increase!
If price drop by then, we will of cos pay for the lower price.. sound good
isnt it?

oh Yeah, we have some freebies due to the promo they having
of cos, with some neg... I get to swap around some freebies
that i find more practical *wink wink*
the sales serene is really nice to agree to it!

2 latex pillows - $139 each
exchange sheep for 2 extra pillows, then used all 4 to exhange for 2 expensive pillows
2 mattress protector - price unknown (maybe $100 each)
1 side bench - $399
1 king size bedlinen - $200+

So how? Is it a good deal or should i downgrade the mattress to missouri?
The mattress supposed to last a good 10-15 years

hmm, after talking with my sister
somehow i got a feeling, is the mattress too expensive?

OMG, im contradicting myself
I used to think i dont need to splurge on a mattress
$800 for a queen size is good enough
anyway, my parents have been sleeping on cheap and brandless mattress
all their life and they are still in 1 whole piece.

Perfectly agree with that theory
until my back problem started and worsen.
Been sleeping on my mom's old mattress for the past 1 year plus
nothing fantastic and nothing to complain.
But I do realized a difference between a good and normal mattress
when my back condition aches up...
even the 'super hard as it seems' mattress doesnt work its magic on me
I couldnt even walk when i wake up in the morning.
Every morning is the same routine
as i tried to drag myself out of bed.. and struggle to the bathroom
even sitting on the toilet bowl.. as simple as that
is enough to make me tear out of pain.

So I swore to change to a better spine care mattress when i can
and Simmons is the ideal brand

Finally when the time comes when i can go mattress shopping
being the cheapo in me... I start to feel the pinch

But after all, isnt mattress and pillows crucial for health??

oh seriously in a dilemma right now.
should i just changed for a cheaper range or maybe a cheaper brand??!
Or i should just stick to it, and work round my budget
and save on some other thing like sofa etc
to cover back the $900 difference.

Someone out there......

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Finally Im not coughing my lungs out anymore
still there is a little coughing.. hopes its just goes away ASAP.

Meantime, while i have been resting... I have been doing up my PSP too.
Will post some picture up soon... *wink wink*

Today, we went to two Id firm for quotes and gotten a brochure
from Ping's ID.

2 out of three is a nightmare. Their basic packages starts from $23K and upz.
If including those additional items i wan for the house
I reckon the final bills would easily come up to $36K and upz
excluding furnitures and applicances.

This is way over our meagre budget of $27k

Didnt want to spend too much on extensive reno as we forseen will be selling
the house after another 3-4 years.

So I guess our only choice is too look for more quotes.

Anyway, here my floor plan and space planning.
Anyone who is good with all these please offer some kind advice yea? :P

Monday, May 18, 2009


Dear all, so sorry that i have been missing for days
no updates and no visiting since last week.

I have been coughing badly and madly for 1 week plus already
and seems no improvement even after taking medication.

Not to worry though, Doc say its not swine but rather my
serious coughing has been triggered by sinus problem.
(read about it from makeyouheal's blog)

Seems that the coughing is triggered as mucus is backdripped
from the nose into the throat.

And i have delayed visiting the docter as i though its nothing serious
until i cannot sleep at night and practically choking and
coughing my lungs out every other min.

For all those who have sinus problem and backdripping symtopms
please do see a docter if you start having sore throat and bad cough!

Seriously this coughing is driving me mad.
I have not been able to sleep at night even though the medicine is
supposed to be drowsy~Arghh....

Thanks to all who have visited
I will be visiting you people back SOON!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I didnt manage to knock off until 8pm+, if not for Audrey
I would have forgotten that Emma is still waiting for me to have dinner together
(he knocked off early , so the boys get their breakfast for lunch!)
I even forgotten we need to get Dora's food as well.

It was almost 9pm when I reached TM, and i was feeling damn hungry by then.
So to save time and trouble, we just walked in Pu Tien
after all its serves really nice food.

Anyone been to Pu Tien before?
Must Try hor!

This is our 'must order' item for cold dish

Next, this is something which i like.
The yam is yummy inside, while the outer crust is a
little crispy and taste sweet.

This is the smallest size, and its really filling!

Then we decided to try something we have never eaten before.
the charges is by pieces, so wont worry over-ordering

It comes separately, so u can just eat the meat or together with the bun

Look at this chinese hamburger!
the tastes is really GOOD!!
and the shredded meat, is more than enough for 2 buns
infact we have excess.

(heck! My cam batt went dead on me at this timing!
rest of the pictures taken with my hp)

Next , this is SUPER GOOD
Its their chief recommendation
every single table will sure order this dish... their famous Pu Tien Lor Mee
It sure dont look anything like the Lor Mee you have in mind!

This is their serving, and it only $6.00 and definitely
enough for 2 pax.

The price tag definitely doesnt match its content
There is abundance of fresh and expensive ingredients
for a $6.00 Lor Mee!

Look at the picture, what do you see??

You can find prawns, mussels, pork, mushroom, veggy,

beancurd skin and even big chunks of scallops inside.

Damn worth right?!!!

Anyway we really did over-order, Emma is really trying his
best to finish everything!

This meal cost us $35.00 and i would say its worth every cents.
Afterall, we did went back again and again.
Pu Tien @ Tampines Mall Basement
(beside escalator)

Current promotion:
no credit card promo but $10 voucher for bill above $50.00

Verdict: 2 thumbs UPZ!
(went back 5 times already & still counting, what more can we say?)


Last night, practically was a sleepless night
I keep waking up cause i was coughing so badly.
so naturally this morning i was very tired
that i couldnt even open my eye when Emma woke me up at 5am
I knew he was telling something about feeding the fishes and dogs
but... im really in a state of 'concussion' that i didnt know
what the hell he was blabbing about.
So when he left for work, I just kinda of dozed back into a deep slumber.
and 'did' what i was told when i woke up hrs later.
Its was only now did i realised how seriously 'concussed' i was at 5am
I vividly remembered he said
"Feed the fishes before you leave, I have feed the boys aka Cyrus & Eto"
But in actual fact, he said
"Feed the boys ... I have feeded the fishes"
Wah lao... totally opposite.
So this morning, all the fishes including the fries got
double servings of breakfast.
While Cyrus and Eto went without breakfast.
Somemore this morning, Cyrus never 'say' he wants to eat!
He just went back to sleep when i ask him if daddy has bring him down.
(literally means he had went down earlier.)
usually Cyrus is very expressive and vocal
He let you know , if he wants to go pee/poo or eat!
Wah liew, Im a bad mommy....
both of them must be sooo hungry
Count down to another 3.5 hrs before I can knock off
and rush home to feed them

Monday, May 11, 2009


Hey Peeps

You must have notice that since 2 weeks ago, I have been selling Brand New IPhone.

1 have been sold off and this is the last and final piece left!

This is a LAST CALL for those who are still hesitating before i sold it off to a mobileshop.

Therefore before it's gone by 14 May 2009, im offering a last and final price ..

$900 for Iphone 8gb (black)

$1100 for Iphone 16gb (black/white)

Do not ask me again how much Im selling, as answer will be the same as the above..

and its really the final.. so no bargains please.

Thanks for viewing yea! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Read my past spawning journal here.

It has been almost 6 weeks since they last hatched.
Remember the last update about the disastrous water change
resulting in heavy causalities?

At that time they are still tiny and colourless...

3 weeks later, they now look like this

All of they are still looking like albino, but developing red wash on their finnage
Seems like mommy's gene is too strong!

This is how they look like overall... about 1.5cm to 2cm in length
Still small , but no longer meed to strain our eyes looking for them.

These two days, we have put them on dry baby food
its seems to work fine, as they dive their nose into the pile of food.
really cute!

My guess is we have mostly boys here as there
are lotsa of little bubbles nests on the surface.

It wont be long before we have to start jarring all of them
should still have about 50 survivors, as i last counted.


Last night, we finally moved a rake out of the storeroom
and into the Beta room.

Now, its has officially transformed into a Beta Rack.

So happy... now fish viewing has become so much better.

Here is some of our fishes.. only managed to take a few
as most are camera shy! Lol..

I think they grow a bit bigger since the last time
as we have changed their diet.. :)

This blackish-red boy is super shy and paranoid.
Its so difficult to actually catch him on film this red!
Btw, he has just become a dad... few days ago
to our 2nd batch of spawn.

This is the new kid on the block.
Just bought home yesterday, one of the 5 pcs we bought yesterday

They called it the Pineapple because of it colour.
He is now Emma's new love.

Thats all for now, until we add new racks and perhaps more fish
or more picture of some others which are super camera shy.

I have ask the fish farm to help me source for a Black Piece
to replace the one that was dead recently.


Some time back, I've said I wanted to try the legendary BAO
SHENG JIAN BAO.... read about it here.

Finally I have a chance to try it...Yay!

Again, this is one of the hottest food stall at Tampines One.

The smallest portion is $2 for three pieces.

The bao is pan-fried lightly, and not very oily.. still okay

Its filled with minced pork and smell very very nice

Its a little soupy inside.. and taste very much like 'xiao long bao'
the pan-fried version.

Not too bad... but i think i still prefer xiao long bao :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Just in case, anyone here doesnt know what a Durian is
and how it look likes.

Here it is.... KING OF THE FRUIT

This has always been my favourite fruit since im young.
I have since learned to 'peel' the fruit so i dont have to wait for my dad.
That is how I am crazy about durians that I couldnt even wait!

Long time ago, we have known alot of non-asians couldnt accept
Durian as they label the aroma we so loved as PUNGENT
But heck with it, since we are so in loved...its their losses.

It only until today after watching a show on discovery channel
That i realised how the non-asian see Durian.

It has such a bad reputation

Its listed on the list of TABOO food in the world.
Having said that, pungent is the nicest word used to describe it.

It listed beside all the world's Bizzare food.

How Strange!! Does it really SMELLS SO BAD??
They have describe smell of durians

Rotting animal carcass
overripe cheese
milk that has gone bad
a smelly public toilet
dead fish
genital area

My, I have never knew durian smelled this BAD..
and im was laughing mad when i heard durian is associated with genital
How Bizzare!!

Friday, May 8, 2009


I think this is rather useful, so please READ IT.

Recently my office have set up a sanitizing station at the door...
everyone is supposed to sanitise their hand before exit/entry
But so far, I havent see anyone practising that...hmm
One more tips I have read from the Malaysia papers.
Taking a Influzena Vacci does not protect a person against H1N1,
but its does help to determine if you have caught the normal flu bug or swine flu.
As after vaccination, unlikely to be sick with flu, however if you have
sign of flu its likely to be swine.
Therefore its you should seek medication attention immediately.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Tuesday morning is really a stunning morning
I woke up dazed as usual

all of a sudden I got a voice in my head!

Im depressed... YES
Im UGLY..... YES
Im FAT...... YES
Im getting lazy... YES
Health is getting worse... YES
Skin is getting worse.... Yes
Becoming more heck care... YES (now i can leave the house wihout make-up)
Im skipping gym training... YES
Low self-esteem... YES
No self-confidence... YES
Low morale... YES

Wah i think i can go bang my head and die....

Oh, i think Im becoming the old SUSAN BOYLE.....no wonder people are laughing at me
when Im out with Emma.

What the hell am I doing?? I wasnt like this in the past...
I couldnt leave the house without make-up and contact lens.
Now Im wearing specs and leaving the house in ugly frumpy clothes without make-up
I was just hoping i was invisible and people cant see me.....
Highly impossible as im getting bigger!

Until recently, i realise i hate being myself... I hate being Char...
what happen to that old Char whom I adore so much... She is long gone....

Argghhh.... this cannot go on anymore!
I need to CHANGE for the better... I have to... MUST!

I better stay sober from now on......
1st I will schedule for a new hair cut and adhere to EMMA's training program.
I hope my determination doesnt disappear by end of TODAY!

P/s: Irene & Marina... Pls slap me if you see me slacking back!
and fixed me with Sabrina.... I keep missing the appointment!


Since last week and while in KL
I have been hearing songs from Olivia Ong and Joanna Wong

I really like some of the jazz from them
and these gals do have wonderful voices.

Luckily i can find them online and no need to buy the CD
as i only like a few songs.

I Hope you guys/gals enjoy the songs on my player :)


Monday, May 4, 2009


Read about Part 1

This post will be just some random pictures from KL


Our 1st breakfast in KL... at 9am + (after a long search)
Our hotel rates doesnt include breakfast

One point to take note.. most of the restaurants and cafes
only open at 10am.
This Starbucks cafe open from 8am but selective branches only.

I wonder where does the locals goes for breakfast?? Or they dont wake up so early?? If yes.. I should move there!

The set we are having, which is 1 sandwich + 1 coffee will cost about RM$6.50
Not too bad for a starbucks breakfast.
Its so relaxing to just chill for breakfast.. coffee and newspapers

Actually we are out waiting for the mall to open their gates
Guess we are way too early!

Green Box karaoke... just like our local K box

In KL, i think green and red box are everywhere!

Oh man.how come we dont have such cute K rooms in SG?
its quite sound proof.. I cant hear the singing from outside!

Berjaya Time Squares
frankly speaking there is much to shop there...
most of the shops are selling the same stuffs.
(very similar to our far east plaza)

As we soon get board and head on to check out the indoor theme park.

Its a 360 degree turn..
Unfortunately Emma's not very keen on roller coaster rides

This however, catches our attention
but we didnt manage to go in the end... Irene is so disappointed

After a 15min queue, we were told tickets are not sold separately
must buy bundle package which include the rides

The weirdest thing happen when we ask the staff how much is the
bundle package.
Instead of advising the price, she ask Emma
"Where are you from? Which Country?"

Emma actually went stunned for a while before telling her Msia
I was staring at him.. hoping he dont say S'pore
he kinda of forgotten where he came from..dangz!

She raised her eyebrow and advised tickets for
malaysians are RM$37.00
Wah, is it double or triple standards?! If we say singapore, then will she quote us S$37.00? If next couple from USA, will they need to pay US$37.00?
Maybe next time can say we from Vietnam.. and we pay in dong!

Didnt realise Malaysia emphasis so much on
Public Education about pets and animals

Come across this showcase in one of the monorail station.

Oh, i like this beared dragon.. look so pretty

This is something I will give two "THUMBS UPZ"
Hope we can see more of this , but please provide more infos thou
S'pore should have this too!


Public toilets are like everywhere in KL
have seen a few such of these blue 'houses' located
by the road side.. hmm.. its so convinent lookin for washroom yeah
Its 20 cents per visit and for 15 mins.

I have yet to try.. hehe.. im pretty scare of dirty toilets
and it seems so high tech.. i dont know how they works.

Anybody from KL can explain more?

Its say 20 cents for 15 mins
I wonder what happens after 15mins eh.. does the alarm starts to go off and the door opens even when user is still *ahem*?!
lol maybe i think too much..

Penang Village, one of the restaurants in Times Squares
Not all the food taste good..!
But we are so hungry
and its so difficult to located a restaurant in this Huge mall
so we just pick 1 out to try.

This is Irene's Chay Kway Teow
I dont even bother taking the kway teow itself i guess
as the cockles look more interesting!

Irene called them pre-historic hums..
lol who will eat them?!

This got to be my worst choice ever
The smelliest Penang Assam Laksa I have ever seen

This modified version of the Penang Laksa is giving me nitemares
I almost puke on my 3rd bite.

All these food cost us abt RM$130... and the stupid Penang Laksa
I pass all to Emma , end up i was so hungry and didnt dare to risk order other food.

In the end, cause i was too hungry
I went to buy Krispy Kreme.. its was HEAVENLY!
Its the 'MUST EAT' item on my KL food list.
go for original glazed.. assorted dont taste as nice.

no picture taken of Krispy Kreme cuz i was too hungry.. darn

okay up next is the legendary KLCC

We got to walk, take Monorail, walk again change to train service
before we get to go there.

In all, for 4 person.. we spend like RM$10++ on public transport
just to get there from Bintang Walk(per way).

It will cheaper to travel by taxi for 4
Emma and I took cab back to our hotel from KLCC its only RM$10
without meter.

another taxi driver quoted us RM$20 and of cos we walk away Please take note.. KLCC is so much nearer to Bintang walk (if you staying there) then its seems on the map. Its just about 10mins drive!

This mega mall is packed with whole lot of branded and luxurious goods
Overall , some branded are more expensive in KL despite the exchange rate

This mall is really good for those who loved brand names
and if you are into serious shopping there.
Please bring along your HSBC credit card.. its major discount
like 30% for purchase of 3 items up


This got to be my favourite street
Its Pavillion on Bintang Walk!

Everything just look so GLAM!

Arh.. im so excited to dash into Juicy Coulture
its double story.. but all the stuffs are freaking Expensive!

Then its raining donuts... as we stop by J.Co to chill

1st we ordered drinks(RM$10) and their mini pops which is like 24 pcs (RM$17).

Then they give free donuts for each drinks!
wah liew... we never eat so much donuts in our whole life!

Siew Hua told me that J.Co in Sg also give out free donut So unfair, i never encountered before! Is it cause Im not pretty!!!

Our last view of KL street

Its already past 11pm and its still bustling with life!

there is this group of street dancers on the junction
every night without fail there will be a huge crowd forming.
Im impressed, there is probably about 100 ot more in the crowd.

I did took some video clip of them dancing
will post it up once editing is done.
I actually stayed for 30 mins to watch them as its pretty interesting!

Then there is this weird uncle on the street
The 1st night i got freak out by him that i started running
as he had the HUGE board covering him and its moving towards me
I have no way to avoid him on the narrow street but to run

He has alot of news articles pasted on the huge board
and I try reading it.. but it touch when he keep moving around
So im not sure what he actually want.


Final summary on KL

Its a very relaxing trip i didnt shop at all, just window shop and chilled at cafe
as main piority is to relax and meet my photographer

finally have some quality sleep which im so lacking of
for the past few months

im a little disappointed thou as i cant find the HK cafe that serve very good baked rice
and the cafe that Dal say must go!


TIPS for Travellers
If you are travelling in groups of fours. Its always cheaper to take Taxi
Taxi coupons are available at KLIA and KL Sentral.

we have spend RM$170 taking trains/taxi to our hotel
but spend only RM$100 on hotel limo service direct to KLIA

but taxi driver always try to over-quote, hence if you want to bargain
cut by 50% will be a safe bet.. else just walk away.
Even if they do on the meter for you, dont forget they can always take a longer route.

Change your currency at the money exchange out of the airport
rates at Airport is so much lower compared to outside

Recently I noticed most major retailers are have promo with HSBC credit
remember to bring along your HSBC card, there is much saving then paying cash!

There will never lack of food along Bintang Walk however it might be
a little difficult finding some chinese restaurant
Buzz me if you wan to know where... these groups of restaurants are
so well hidden in a lane. We wouldnt have know if the taxi driver didnt tell us..