Saturday, February 28, 2009


This is our 2nd trip back to bangkok with Irene since last year.
Only 4D3N this time , as jetstar have change their flight schedule.
Nevertheless, its was still quite enjoyable and fun, especially with Aunty around
(Irene's mom).
She is soo fun-loving and great to travel with!!

This time we stay at Baiyoke Boutique Hotel, our 1st and also the last.
Exterior is superb, but interior SUCKS!

Interesting toilet doors, with beautiful interior

we were given a room with a spoilt basin tap, spoilt tv and a nearly spoilt water heater.
Irene's room was dirty, carpet was black and damp, they couldnt walk barefooted.
Worse, 1st thing they did was to scrub and wash the bathroom...
(p/s: see more complaints in Irene's blog)

Not to mentioned, the hotel was really noisy night and day.
The two roosters at the next bldg started crowing at 6am sharp every morning till i dunno what time?!
Then when night falls, there is a weird loud noise of a moving train
persistently, not sure why but there isnt any railway track downstairs... WEIRD!

Our 1st stop in bangkok
(My parents werent so lucky last year, the four side of the buddha was covered up then.)

Our "must go" restaurant

The best and cheapest Jap food you can find. So we always stuff ourselves silly

when we are there.

This is my 2nd vist to Banya, serves authentic thai food.
Brought Irene and her mom there this time, and gosh she is so addicted now.
Let me tell you how GOOD the food is
3 gals (all on diet)+ 1 guy finished 8 dishes + 1 desert + 2 Big portion of rice

(meant for 8-9pax!!)
Didnt took any pictures cuz we are all freaking hungry and too occupied in eating.

:) we walk out happy, full and contented!!

Our "MUST DO" activity

Other than shopping, Mani/Pedicure is always our must do in bangkok.
Why?? cuz it cheap and they did really neat nail work...

Emma always come back with nail art... but this round was different

Irene did nail potrait of her two darlings. it was drawn based on the pic stored on her hp.

Although this salon was consider 'Atas', but its worth it the price, sure going back again.

My best buy
4 pairs of vibrant coloured heels.. all for only sgd $50.

simply loved the doggy stuffs from thailand! see doggy bed, so much nicer!

Amazing DOG
chanced upon this pair of street performers, a old man and his aged dog.
This dog is bi-lingual, whatever the owner said to him in Thai,

he will choose the cards (placed in front of him) written in english and hand back to e old man.
This act have attracted a large crowd, amused and astonished.
Best of all, towards the end of the performance, the dog will automatically walk towards the crowd
askings for hugs and kisses and the donation will start flowing in

To make the act more convincing
the old man have asked the audience to write a set of new cards in english.
this time , new cards and new wordings, the dog is ask to perform the same task.
100% accurate! We are all impressed!!

Post complete with my 1st tattoo experience.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Haha, i know its sounds crazy, i just came back from Bangkok and yet to find time to blog and post some pictures and yes now im already planning a KL trip already!

Should be getting the airtickets by this week, and now im sourching for a hotel.. for those who have good recommendations for KL hotels, please post some reviews here!

I wan cheap cheap good good and clean clean.. cleans as in exterior and spiritually ..

My last trip to KL was a exciting one, just staying at Federal Hotel was a mind blowing experience! Every shower time will make my adrenaline level increase and when night falls, our hearts will be hyperly active... cuz of the presence of Hantu (ghost), a actively loud and attention seeking one!

Hehe, so please help me out here with some good recommendations of hotel..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hey peeps, Im back finally.... happy to breathe some clean fresh air, i think my skin will be happy too!! Having some major outbreaks since the day we touch down at Bangkok, thanks to the dirty air..

Simply dont have enough time to upload the pictures and blog about my trip , been busy the whole day clearing some stuffs and picking up my boys back home.
Irene was super quick thou, have completed her blog on the whole trip.

But, let me just share the 1st picture, hehe a gift i got for myself in BKK....And this is Irene's....

Friday, February 20, 2009


**Project 2010**

Steps to planning a wedding..... my OWN wedding (preliminary)
1) Choose a wedding date
2) Shortlisting wedding venue
3) Establish a simple flow of event -> aka Itinerary
4) Shortlisting Bridal Studio
5) Shortlisting AD Photograhper/Videographer (not inclusive in JB BS package)
6) Shortlisting AD MUA-> make-up artist (not inclusive in JB BS package)
7) Purchase wedding bands (already gotten way before my ROM)
8) Guest List -> estimation of pax for selecting wedding venue
9) Simple draft of Budget & Expenses (hehe... so i dont work over my budget!)

That's all i can think of at the current stage, anyway its just the beginning...

Most Importantly, prior to step #1-9, seeks a help of a buddy who dont mind helping you, beside offering sound suggestions and advise!
Do not expects 200% assistance from the hubby-to-be. Its just doesnt work that way, and there will be less frustrations and arguments.

After a few drama on date selections, I finally pick a date out of convenience, and fits the basic requirement of everyone.

Mom & Dad: Nothing on Lunar 6th & 7th Month
Emma: Prefer somewhere from mid 2010
In-laws: Nothing on sunday as there is no church service

So after going through the above, Its gonna be 16 October 2010!
Nearest to my own ROM/anniversary date -18 oct. Good!,
1 date to remember for all events, less hassle har... wq will love that,
as there is only 1 gift to buy (See this is what i meant by lazy bride & groom)

Next, moved on to Venue.
I know i will be called a KS but i dont care. I dont live in JB so its always good to be well prepared and well informed right? Just in case...

Shortlisted a few venue in JB and have already requested for quotes. Pricing for 2010 is not out yet, however expect minor changes unless economy pretty bad by end 2009

1) Puteri Pan Pac ~ Package not very attractive, but Menu is not bad
2) Pulai Springs Resort ~ Price okay, more rooms for Bargain but my hearts goes for the Ambience
3) Hyatt Regency ~ Currently under major reno, shall wait and see
-Schedule for a site vist on 14 Mar, hopefully its gonna be PS!

Then Im most excited to when it comes to Photographer! Believed me after my last ordeal with a lousy photographer on my ROM, I know this is not something I want to pinch on.

I have come out with the a summary on how important a photographer (PG) is
1) A good studio PG may not be a good AD (Actual Day) PG
2) Cheap PG may not be the best deal you think you got, wait till you see the horrendous picture they took
3) Cheap and lousy PG + horrendous lousy picture = photo albums w/ "Eeeh effects"

Therefore after 1 week of endless searching through all the wedding forum and Google, I've shortlisted a few and requested for the quotes. So far, these are the few that do have the style that i like and a portfolio that made me went "wow wow wow"

Louis Pang ->
Great style, great reviews, and also the 1st to respond to me. But when i saw his quotation
my 1st reaction was stunned! No wonder people are saying have to get through the psychology barrier of his charges before you engage his service! Seriously I cant afford a 5-figure sum for PG...even if its in RM

Sam Wong ->
He is the only local among those I approached, and also the 1st. Seen him and his works personally.. quite good. Reasonable charges and nice guy but he rejected me. Cuz dont feel safe to venture into JB. Can understand his difficulties, but still I have recommended his service to Peng

Kok Wei & Partner ->
Actually spotted their webby last, but was also most fond of their work and portfolio.
Very responsive and friendly, charges within my acceptable range thou also consider abit high-end.
But I trust they are worth every single penny. Yet to revert w/ confirmation but i guess its 80% that they are the one. In fact was really grateful when Kok Wei actually offer alot of suggestions on travelling issues, and even trying to help me save cost on accommodation etc!
Feel excited just thinking of working with them!! :P

Robin Ng ->
Hmm, read alot good reviews about him, but wasnt that impressive with the T&C (abit calculative in my opinion) that comes along with the charges. Consider high cost for engaging him, portfolio consider good but maybe not my fave. So I just KIV w/o further discussion.

Jon Low ->
One of the PG that I went "WOW & WoW" beside Kok Wei's portfolio. Send two requests for quotes within a week. Alas, not possible to consider as there wasnt any reply since then. Abit disappointed thou...
as Jon does have some impressive collection that attracted me.

After a week of interesting researching, I realise M'sia do have a alot of unique, talented and outstanding PGs. Do not underestimated them, if you think s'pore too have alot of top -notch branded PG, you be in for shock when you view their portfolio. Trust me!

Anyway, thats all for the week, im counting down to my vacation!.In another 4 hours time I'll be @ Changi T1, on my way to Bangkok!! yeah yeah... BKK here we come.....woohoo

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Eversince CNY, every relatives in JB and SG has been asking when is our customary wedding...
WQ answers to all is NEXT YEAR... and ooops I have totally forgotten about our WEDDING for the whole of 2008!

I look at him and seriously ask.. "Dear our wedding is Next Year meh?? How come I dunno eh!? Is that supposed to be a standard answer for everyone..dangz"

WQ then looked back with that "innocent" look in his eye and sincerely answer my question
"Yes, our wedding is next year ah. Dinner in JB mah"

Hmm... at this time i have abunch of "?" hovering my head, did i suffer from amnesia or what?? Totally cant remember since when did we discuss and confirm the details.

But nevertheless, we decided its time to discuss, confirm and prepare for the wedding..
I know Im KS.. but nobody want a slipshod wedding especially since its gonna be cross border.

So it the start of the 'Project 2010' in early Feb 2009

-I started asking for suggestion and opinions, wq and my parents were standard answer.

"Anything up to you lah", as for my in-laws I know they will give the same answer as they are catholics and no preference and needs for Auspicious date. As for venue and location, again its up to my preference. Likewise for every other things....

Great! For every answer I asked, I got more "?" in return!!
Eh, seems like im holding my own wedding!! ~_^

I know im a lazy bride with high expectations, so bo bian, better buck up and research
Shall rely on myself to make things work.. since i have 1 year ahead.. hehe

Then I realised there is someone even more lazy and clueless than me!

That is my long-time buddy MS QP!!
ROM in Sept 09 and Customary in Nov 09, til now no details have been fixed not even the date!!
Ho Sei lah, no wonder she telling me is super duper stressed out..

Wahahah, being the good-hearted KPO.. i offered to be her helper cum planner

After 2 weeks of researching for her and myself, also passing her all the info which i had gathered for my own ROM. I started to realised, I like planning for wedding!!

Hehehe... should i consider a switch of JOB??

**Project 2010 -> to be continued**