Tuesday, March 31, 2009


These two days have been rather exciting in the office

not because i was assigned new work, or there is a pay rise
(how i WISHED!)

But cuz yesterday, my colleg brought me 2 bettas

Yes, all the way from Jurong to the office!

Wahaha, It just kinda make my day

as he left 2 betta on my table in the morning

but i could only pick 1!

sooo.. sad

Then Today....... He got more surprises for me!!!

He couldnt resisted the temptation and went to the fish shop again last night.

he ended up buying 2 more bettas for himself and these 2 babies!!

(wahah, he swore to stay away the fish shop from now on...we shall see)

Again, these 2 babies were on my table this morning!!!!






OMG, im hyper excited now that i couldnt focus!!

Gosh! goodness, both are such cute little things

with bright orangy below and a good looking face

Then I started to MMS this pic to Irene and Lao Gong

Irene got poisoned right away

now intensively reading up on salamanders!!

I been wanting one of these baby since i set my eyes on one like 13 yrs ago.

But then, my mom and dad wouldnt allow as their mega scare of these

creepy crawlies.

and now I was waiting for

Lao gong to tell me to bring these little buggers home..
*pray hard*

p/s:pardon me for the blurish pic, took with my hp cam




SOB SOB SOB..... :(

Monday, March 30, 2009


Some picture i took of JB.
Since where is the last time you have been to JB?

Very long time right.. and its amazing that JB can be thissss clean hor

Hehe, have got some other pic, no time to edit..
Shall share next time..


Found a old pic that i took in bangkok long time ago..

Sawadekap, what cup are you?!
hehe, Im 'D' cup.. should be a blockbuster!

What is YOURS?????????

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today went shopping with Peng at Ikea
Then we saw some really cute stuffs
I think being the animal manic in me
I've found the most GORGEOUS pets in earth today
and decided to bring it home tooo....woohoooo!!



Friday, March 27, 2009


Today, daddy went fish shopping and bought a tiny weeny little bugger.
Now only about 2.5cm and 2 mths old.
Got him cuz of his unique colour and funny face!

On 2nd thoughts, he really did have a amusing face like a clown.. you know.. Nemo effects.

Haha, finally we have got suitable names for the 2 new members ..thanks to Marina again!!!
(p/s: fishes, please dun be angry with your names okay.)

The Yellow Mustard Piece will be called 'Wrong Ting' from now
cause, it was a wrong purchase.

The Blue Piece will be named as "Koyak Ting"
because of the tear at its anal fin.

(p/p/s: Dont bash me out, i just placed an order for another pair of betta! coming soon!!)


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Tadah! As the craze goes on...

And their new homes!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today we got another 'Ting' to replace 'Any Ting'.
no names for this new member yet.
But im so excited!!
He is of assorted blue and yellow,
and belongs to the halfmoon family which i always wanted!

Here some eye candy...

The lady boss from the fish shop said, with extra care and some TLC
It will grow into a beautiful exotic Halfmoon for its rare colour!
we shall see

**Dangz, apparently i got cheated.. its not a halfmoon but a mustard gas superdelta!**

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I guess its true when people say memories never fade..
Been missing xiong xiong (my rabbit) very very much, I didnt realise it myself
until 2 weeks back i start to organise my pics and uploading to face book

I saw his pictures again, which i have been avoiding for the past 3 years.
The feelings didnt get lesser, as i uploaded the picture 1 by 1 onto facebook
my tears fell uncontrollably down my cheeks.

Its have been almost 4 years since he left and I have actually dreamt of him thrice.
Vivid images of him, left me crying terribly each time, waking up in pain.

I know i will see him again 1 day.. on the other side of the rainbow bridge
till then.. my dear boy


So sad... I killed 'ANY TING'...!
I didnt know what happen, but he fell sick earlier struggling to swim up the
surface before sinking down again.

He repeatedly did this swimming and sinking for
almost an hour before he lie motionless at the bottom of his tank.

Haiz, what did i do??
I feed him ant/ants like few hours ago...
Did that kill him, but i guess it did... cause i didnt feed him ants before.
I thought that since he like Mossie larvae, he will be happy to have ants too
Cause its also protein-packed!

So my guess is, I have killed Any Ting with ANTS...
My bad.. my fault!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I decided to dedicate this post just specially for you, my dear friend
seems so it have been a long while we ever have a complete proper tele -conversation without disruption.

So to finished off what it has been said earlier... I shall continue here.
I shall not state any name as this post is only for you, and u know who you are.

What Im going to say, you might be offended or even feel its senseless..

but as a friend I just want you to know
whatever Im typing now, is coming from my heart and Im not taking any sides.

Its just for your own good.
Maybe you will decided strike me off your friends list, but still.. I just got to tell you.

I'll know the past few months have been tiring, hectic and stressful for you
together with the fears for the unknown future that lies ahead ...

It could be too much for you to bear.

Therefore you collapsed and cried today...

Think for yourself, is it really so scary of what lies ahead, or its just

your imagination running wild?
Is things really as bad as you have imagined?

For the sake of your future and your the other better half, Isnt he worth even the effort for you to try?
Try to let go of the past, misgivings and misconceptions and embrace the new beginning of your life.

It shall be a new start without any judgement and grudges. A new chapter for both of you in happiness and love.
why not forgive and forget the unhappy past not for others but for yourself, you will be happier once the thorn has been removed from your heart.

Is it really worth to live in misery just over things and people that are not within your control?

What can I say?

its your life , your choice.... if you choose to make yourself unhappy over irrelevant matters and people.
But bear in mind... when u are unhappy, u are not alone.
Look around you, people who truely care about you... are they genuinely happy as well?

Many times, we get mistaken or mis-interpreted for our actions and words and its a not a good feeling.
Feel for others, as we would feel for ourselves....

Is there a mis-understanding somewhere that could have made you upset? maybe the other party could be just less expressive in their choice of words...

You need to understand that all of us came with a different background and upbringing, so no individual is able to live and fulfil the expectations you have. Some may be lower or higher.. but does it really matter?

While you are upset and disappointed when someone or situation falls short of the expectation you have, did it ever occurred to you.... Are you what others have expected?

Did the other party outcast you, or still accept you for what you are??

Yes there will be time, you might have wish to kill that idiot who have just annoyed you, but seriously... that someone, yes I mentioned that someone will be just be a small part of your life and not the whole of your life.
So what is the major impact that person have on you?

Rather than spending time mulling on things that have no impact on your future itself, shouldnt you regain all your focus and energy on making things that matters for both of you, creating a better future you will be in.

No one is perfect, that includes you and me...even those people you care about. For those less than perfect, please forgive them the way you forgive your own family. If you did wrong once, I believe you deserved a 2nd chance.

Care for them like the way you care for your own family, not because they deserved your attention and concern, but all for the sake of your other half.

Just bear in mind, we can choose our partners, but we cannot choose the 'packages' thats comes along with it. Just like we are unable to choose our own parents and family. If everyone is given a choice, i think we would all want the best for ourselves.

Since we have no option to choose, we have no choice but to accept. Again, its your own choice of life, to accept it with grace and be happy for the rest of your life or live in misery until the day you die. Either way, you can choose to forsake and regret in the later part of life.

Show some credit to your other half, for accepting you for what you are, and the 'package' thats comes along. Are you doing the same for him?

Looking back for the past 3 years, all the time, effort you have put in to build this relationship.. doesnt any bit of it matters to you... so if you can suavely throw everything aside and announce 'Game Over'. No one can stop you.

As friends, we will still be by your side.. but u know its different. What we can offer will never be on par with that 'special someone'

Maybe one day, I too will be in the same situation as what you are today, (in fact, im halfway there.. and learning) and i hope i will remember whatever im telling you now.

So i hope, its justs an act of anger and despairs that you have misgiving about your decision this morning.

If you can change your perception and look at all things with a open heart, will it be better for you and everyone? Life are bound to have up and downs and things dont always end up the way we wish for, so learn to take things easy and appreciate the finer things in life.

Your future and happiness lies in your own hands.. to grab or let go... up to you

im spending an hr+ typing all these for you, so im seriously hoping you can understand where im coming from.


It just one of my random thoughts after reading a blog.

In the blog, there is a small video on "cooking with trannies". which means transgenders.

Not that I have a issue with trans, as the blog author is also a trans herself,
but she mentioned something that just make me think and i was lost

so i ask Gwen.

Me: Gwen , somethings just dont make sense to me eh
Gwen: What ahh?
Me: Hmm, if a female do a sex change to become a man then , does it make sense that
she like guys more than gals?
Gwen: hmmm.. perhaps she love being a gay man?!
Me: Arhh.. so, or could it be that she love gay man than normal straight man, that she got the ops.

Then gwen start to scold me ... "Aiya there is just alot of weird people with weird thinking lah"

True!, and I was being bo liao thinking about this topic,but i just cant help being curious about it

Why ar?? cuz the ops itself is irresversible and painful and costly..... she could just have save all the trouble and be with a guy right????!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Special thanks to Belle for her generosity and
her special gifts of wings , not a pair but TWO!!

3 weeks ago, she have sent Eto home with a pair of wings

Today, she have delivered another a LARGER pair of wings for Cyrus.
Omg, she is super nice and sweet.
Home delivery for dog food still got free gifts somemore!!
Go where to find huh??!!
My two boys must call u Gan Ma liao!!!

Okay belle, special dedication to you.. ADS FOC ..
To all my 猪朋狗友, anyone buying doggy stuffs please look for belle.

Guaranteed by Char

Thursday, March 5, 2009


This is my 2nd attempt doing a online scapebook.
Finally a trial its out. Hehe, now i shall start on my ROM pictures.
Meantime please enjoy, although the pictures are posted on my bloggy before.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


See part 1 here.
More pictures today as i found more clothings in the storeroom!
most if it belongs to cyrus, and i realized he have already outgrown them...

usually i find it rather difficult to take nice picture of eto.
This is 1 of the few pictures which i love.
see how his face look so different and puppy-like.


Special thanks to Marina and Audrey.
Both have give wonderful suggestions for name.
Especially Marina, at 1 shot, she have given numerous names, enough for me to start a new nursery for pets!
I was literally going "ROFL" when i saw what she type on MSN.
Lets 1st start from Audrey -> Aoi Ting
Aoi is a Japanese name and it also means BLUE.
Pronounce it as Ao...E
Beautiful, but i have difficulty remembering the pronounciation
Next move on to Marina, to compliment the surname Ting,
she suggested the following:
Any Ting
Whatever Ting
(suggested by me!)
Handsome Ting
Beautiful Ting
Blue Ting
Funny Ting
OMG, she is simply creative and funny, to think of such names in seconds!
Any more suggestions are greatly welcome!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Welcome the latest addition to the Ting family
its a boy and its blue
matching isnt it?
blue for boy & pink for gal!!

He is rank # 5 after

cyrus ting, eto ting, toto ting & dora ting

it doesnt have a name yet. any suggest for name is welcome

not sure should i name it tong, together with the surname, it will be TING TONG!

Fashion Show

Dogwalk models:
New arrivals

Eto: special thanks to belle from doggyfriend, this cute little gift is from her!Fashion snapshots