Friday, November 20, 2009


Earlier this week, Emma had went down to inspect
the site and took these pictures
I haven got time to check out till today but too bad...
there wasnt any chances to take picture
cuz its was pitch dark.. most of the lights have been removed.
Guess i could only update again later this weekend.

This week.. workers have start to plaster the walls. The kitchen walls look so nice..
the nicest walls in the whole house.

In fact, because of the heavy constant rain these days
the plaster couldnt dry, the workers had to bring out the fan
to blow at the wall.
I think the same will happen to the painting work.
So worried that it will cause delay.
Love these wall tiles.. always give me a
feminine feel.. but too bad, im not using them
Im so look forward thou to my own master toilet
should look so glam and exotic with e croc tiles :D

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