Friday, May 7, 2010


This is the 1 thing on earth that made Char and Drey gone MAD for the whole week, apparently It made Irene jump on e wagon as well.

Who wont go mad on a CHANEL?! especially on a Summer Limited Edition!

You are not seeing doubles or triples... Yes I had 3 bottles of these in the exact same colour.
For Char, Drey and Irene.... Drey was jumping in joy when she heard Im getting her this.
She promised me a lifetime of free mani and pedi.... (not too bad, for a $35 nail polish)

I have yet to try it on my nails. But I will be showing swatches in this colour from another nail site.
Ladies, if you have yet to get this.... please make your reservation NOW!! This colour is literally out of stock islandwide, and trust me the reservation list is super long.

Price is S$35 at all Chanel Counter.
Its limited edition so when its out.. its gone for good, just like what happen to Chanel Jade, can be found only on ebay for double or triple the price.


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