Saturday, May 8, 2010


This pair of cuties are the latest addition to the Ting Family, after my little Dora pass away.
They are a bundle of joy, adding alot of fun in our family and always squeaking away..
keeps the kaypoh Eto busy too!

The older one will be peanut. She is the big bully and greedy one.
Her character is very much like Eto, notti and love to snatch and bully.

This will be Butter, small and gentle.
I love her more, maybe cause she is more tiny.
She is always squeaking away when Peanut is near.... cant even fight back to Peanut.
She is so just much like Cyrus, such a daring character.

Doesnt she look prettier too?!


kenwooi said...

cute! =)

Kelvin said...

Peanut is cuter ^^
Maybe coz she is eating haha

jfook said...

Sooo cute..

CHAR said...

oh... maybe is it Peanut is FATTER???

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